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Spreading Goodness #spreadingoodness


JuJuBe is (and has always been) about helping others feel great. Whether it’s helping parents perform their best by keeping them organized or connecting women with one another or donating to great causes, JuJuBe tries to spread goodness in all that we do! Not only that … we have the best community in the cyberworld and have been inspired by your incredible goodness over the past 15 years.

With your support, here are some of the things we’ve done to spread goodness …

Giving Back | BeCAUSE we care and are committed to supporting worthy causes

We’re real. We’re real people who care about real people. We want our products and our brand to make a positive impact in your life, in the community, and in the world. That is why Ju-Ju-Be makes a donation for every bag sold.

JuJuBe has donated over a half a million dollars toward breast cancer initiatives.   We’ve supported various causes from research for a cure to providing mammograms for the underprivileged. We’ve supported national organizations like Susan G Komen and local organizations like Breast Cancer Angels. We love our friends at Keep A Breast. Why is breast cancer a cause close to our hearts? Click HERE to read a really good story and find out.

We're proud of our donations to many other worthy causes. We support national organizations like Make-A-Wish and smaller local ones near our office like Laura’s House. One current initiative supports girls in STEM with donations to the Sally Ride Foundation on every purchase of our Galaxy print! In May of 2020, we donated 2500 face masks to Mission Hospital!

When you buy a JuJuBe diaper bag, you can feel good about yourself … you are spreading goodness!

Real Mom Giveaway | BEcause we love
spoiling you

In 2006, we started a weekly contest, the Real Mom Giveaway. We saw that many companies liked to give bags to celebrities (the original influencers). We figured that the real moms were the ones that deserved free stuff! After many years, we’re still at it. JuJuBe gives away a diaper bag to one lucky mama every week! It’s super easy. Enter on Instagram or Facebook and answer the question of the week. Check the other answers because you might learn something new (or make a friend)! Click HERE for more details.

Military Discount | BEcause we want to show them our appreciation

With family members in the armed forces, we’ve personally seen the sacrifice of those who serve our country and communities. JuJuBe is privileged to offer a generous discount to our heroes. Click HERE to learn more.

Eco-Minded | BEcause we are committed to Mother Earth

We care about being good stewards of the planet. We’ve worked hard to reduce our packaging waste. We use biodegradable, compostable, and reusable mailing envelopes and tissue paper.

We’re also proud of our lifetime warranty. Durability, quality, and machine washability increase the longevity of our bags. With your help, our bags can be repurposed, resold, and upcycled!

REPURPOSE–After your babe has graduated from diapers, repurpose your JuJuBe for work, gym, travel, beach, crafts, church, and more!

RESELL-List your bag on the Buy/Sell/Trade pages and make some money instead of throwing potential cash into the landfill.

UPCYCLING-You know you want to cut into that changing pad and create something fabulous! Go for it! Upcycling is a fun way to reduce your carbon footprint!

Traveling Bags | Just BEcause

Just like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, JuJuBe has sponsored a few one-of-a-kind traveling bags! Lush Spice, Traveling Elvis, and Ms. Berry Back traveled the world and connected Pink Ladies to one another. Each mama hosted one of the bags for a week, added a picture with notes about their escapades to the diary, and then shipped it off to the next lady. All three bags are now retired … maybe it’s time to start this up again?

OOAKs and Get Togethers | BEcause we love
our community

Speaking of one-of-a-kinds (OOAKs), JuJuBe has given away close to one thousand OOAK bags to our Pink Ladies over the past 15 years! We host an annual Southern California Pink Lady Get Together (PLGTG) along with regional get togethers across the country and around the world. We love to spoil our guests with food, fun, games, free swag, and giving away one-of-a-kinds! We recently hosted our first Global Online Get Together and spread goodness in the form of discount codes from JuJuBe and other great brands … as well as giving away over 20 beloved OOAKs!

Keep checking back here to find out the new ways that you’re helping us make the world a better place! We’re committed to #spreadingoodness #passiton