#JJBReal #RealMomGiveaway

#JJBReal #RealMomGiveaway


Hey Real Mom, we LOVE that you're here! 

And we're not even ashamed to admit it: We NEED you here!

This JJBReal initiative is BIG, it’s important, and there is no way we can do it without you!


A lot of modern Mommin’ happens online. The social media feed is nonstop, and we’re all stuffed full of “Insta perfect” mom images and captions.

We all KNOW it’s not real, we all KNOW it’s not right, yet STILL we compare ourselves to this unattainable, fake social media “reality.” 

Let’s change that. 
Let’s get real.
Let’s have the hard conversations, let’s share the laughs... 

Let’s share the REAL photos of our *actually* messy houses (and also the captions about how one look at that smiling little face makes that messy house fade into the background.)
Let’s build the JJBReal Village.
AND let’s kick it off with something REALLY exciting:
The Real Mom Giveaway!  
***A quick JJB history lesson: In 2006 The Real Mom Giveaway began as a way to bond moms together in this beautiful yet difficult reality that is motherhood. 

Each week JuJuBe would post a question, sometimes about motherhood such as “What is the hardest part about being a first time mom?” and sometimes just a lighthearted question like “What is your favorite monkey bread recipe?” JJB would pick their favorite and gift a free bag to the winner.***

Sounds pretty great right?

We agree… that’s why we are bringing it BACK and better than ever! 

Make sure to follow us on social and tune in every Wednesday for your chance to win!