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      12 Must-Have Essentials for First Time Moms: Postpartum

      12 Must-Have Essentials for First Time Moms: Postpartum

      Everyone spends so much time getting ready for their baby, it’s easy to forget that new moms need a few supplies too! Giving birth to a baby is hard work for your body, and while you’re recovering, you’ll be taking care of a brand new human. It’s a lot.

      Make sure you take the time to get a few of these postpartum essentials to help take care of YOU, mom, while you’re learning to take care of your baby.


      1. Heating and Cooling Pads

      No matter your birth story, you’re likely going to have some aches, pains, and soreness to deal with. Find some that can be hot or cold so you’ll have the option to go with whatever feels best. We love the TendHer Reusable Ice Packs.


      2. Nipple Cream

      If you’re planning on breastfeeding your baby, make sure you have some on hand along with breast pads. Even if everything goes perfectly, you might have some soreness and chapping for a while. Earth Mama has wonderful, organic products that smell great and are safe for baby. While you’re there, grab some New Mama Bottom Spray as well, or the Skin and Scar balm if you’re anticipating a C-section. 

      3. Nursing Bra or Tank that Makes You Feel Good. 

      We think you deserve to splurge a little on these postpartum essentials. You’re about to be living in these tops for the next several months! We love the options at Kindred Bravely – soft, comfy, and cute enough to wear in public. Make sure you have 5-7 options on hand.


      4. A Really Delicious Tea.

      The days are long, the nights are late, and the caffeine might be limited. Find a tea that’s delicious and makes you feel cared for. Raspberry Leaf tea is thought to be helpful with postpartum hormones, and Lemon Balm Tea can soothe anxiety and nausea. Birds and Bees Teas Our Lady of La Leche tea is not only delicious, but helps to establish and maintain milk supply. 


      5. Nursing Pads. 

      You’ll be bleeding for a while after giving birth, and using tampons in a postpartum no. Have lots of heavy maxi pads on hand, or period panties if they’re more your style. Thinx makes some stylish AND comfortable options – we love the sleep shorts for serious comfort. While on this topic, you will probably also want to invest in some stool softener as well.


      6. Sitz  Bath or Herbal Bath Soak.

      Lots of new moms say taking one or two baths a day with a sitz soak helped them heal faster and feel better. Try this gorgeously scented option from Thena Natural Wellness.


      7. A Water Bottle You Love Enough to Keep with You at ALL Times.

      Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for your postpartum body, and having a water bottle that’s big enough to help you meet your goals is helpful. We recommend finding one with a straw for times when your hands are full – like this giant dishwasher safe option by Reduce.


      8. Baby Carrier.

      A baby carrier will come in handy during the times when your baby only wants to be held, but you are busy and need to use your hands. Some babies may prefer a wrap style, while others prefer a buckle style baby carrier. Both types are great to add to your baby registry!


      9. Breastfeeding Kit.

      We know breastfeeding can be tough and we completely empathize with you. One thing to make the process easier is by having an entire breastfeeding kit. This can consist of a nipple cream, a burp cloth, a nursing pillow, tylenol, a nursing cover, and so on. Throw this all into a nursing bag and you will always be ready to go.


      10. Breast Pump.

      Breast pumps are major breastfeeding essentials for a nursing mom. They are great for when you just need a break. When you are exhausted or busy doing something, if you have a breast pump and bottle, your significant other, family member, or friend can help you out and feed your baby. Conveniently carry it in a breast pump bag for controlling temperature in style!


      11. Swaddle Blanket. 

      Not only is a swaddle one of the best baby essentials, but it is great for you too, mom. Swaddles are must haves for new moms, and are so popular because they keep your baby wrapped up as if they are back inside your womb, while also allowing you to sleep well. Swaddles are a win win!


      12. Peri Bottle.

      These are true postpartum essentials and will be life savers for you due to soreness down there. All you need to do is fill the bottle with warm water and spray it on your bottom to clean it after going to the bathroom.

      It’s easy to get wrapped up in taking care of your new baby, but taking care of YOU is just as important. We hope this list of new mom essentials helps you assemble the tools for a comfortable, safe, and rest-filled recovery time bonding with your little one. 

      These first few weeks as a mom to a newborn baby are as wonderful as they are messy. Here’s to having everything you need to enjoy your baby girl or baby boy fully!

      6 Tips for First Time Moms

      6 Tips for First Time Moms

      As soon as you find out you’re going to be a new mom, everybody has advice to share. The mail carrier, random strangers at the grocery story, hundreds of moms in your social media feed – everyone has a right way of doing things, and their own list of things you can’t live without. It’s hard to know what advice to keep and what to throw away.

      Here’s what we know for sure: A lot of motherhood advice is just opinions, and every family is unique. Your baby will be the first of their kind, and once you give birth you’ll be exactly the new mom your newborn baby will need

      And just so you know you aren’t in it alone, here’s our list of mom tips to remember as you welcome your first baby into the world.


      1. You Will Have Good Days and Bad Days

      You’ll have good days and not-so-good days, great moments and hard ones with your baby. You’re going to feel like you have no idea what you’re doing one minute with your newborn and like you were born to do only this the next. When it feels impossible, hang in there – a better minute, or day, or week is on the way.


      2. Postpartum

      Postpartum bodies and postpartum recovery are super weird. If you carried your little one yourself, it will take a while to feel like yourself again. There is a human being where there didn’t used to be one – your body made a human - and that takes a minute to recover from. We know postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety is a real thing, but please try and be gentle with yourself. Even if there was some weight gain, which is completely normal, please try and remember this body just brought you the most incredible new baby. It deserves to be treated with incredible love.


      3. Take a Break

      You deserve to take a break. You deserve some time totally alone, and not just when you’re using the bathroom. We know you are likely dealing with sleep deprivation. You deserve to ask someone else to hold the baby for a while, or to wake up to soothe them, or to help around the house or bring a meal over or otherwise be useful. You deserve to reach out for care if you’re struggling, or sad, or unsure what to do next. Ask for these things without hesitation. Let your village help.


      4. It’s OK to Be Selfish

      You also deserve to be completely selfish with your baby. Mom hack: Don’t let anyone, even your new mom friend, shame your parenting style for setting boundaries around who can visit, who can hold them, and how soon. This time is precious, fleeting and magical. Soak up as many minutes as you want.


      5. Being a First Time Mom is Not Easy

      Some of the things you thought would be easy will wind up being incredibly difficult. That doesn’t mean you’re wrong, or your baby is wrong. Everyone comes into motherhood, post pregnancy as a unique person, raising another unique person. Keep trying new things with your baby care until you find the one that works for you.


      6. You Deserve a Fashionable Diaper Bag

      Remember how we said some mommy advice is really just opinions? Here’s ours: you deserve a diaper bag that makes you feel like your put-together self and makes things easier with your newborn. Our brand new Million Pockets Backpack is it’s a dream come true! A pocket for everything. You deserve and will need pockets for everything, even for that random ready to use (clean) diaper, as a first time mom

      Read more about our Million Pockets Backpack

      This journey you’re about to go on as a new mom is going to be a wild one. It will teach you more about yourself and parenting than you ever asked to learn, push you to the limits, and fill you with more joy than you can possibly imagine. As you continue to collect advice from every meddling human you meet, don’t forget to trust your instincts. Take what feels right for your family, and don’t stress about the rest.

      You’ve got this, you are a strong woman! You are going to be an amazing first time mom!