Keep lunches chilled & organized in our adorable lunch and snack bags for kids! Available in a variety of styles and colors. Shop today!

Meet lunch bags the likes of which you’ve never seen before. Our fashionable lunch bags work for everyone in your family... whether you need a baby lunch bag that fits into your diaper bag or you’re sending a bigger kid off to school with a nutritious meal. They’ll fit perfectly inside diaper bags, mom and dad’s work bags and kids’ backpacks! Discover thoughtfully-designed, easy to clean and super cute lunch bags for kids at JuJuBe.

Fashionable Lunch Bags and Snack Bags

Our lunch bags for kids are Thinsulate-lined to keep food warm or refreshingly cold with perfect insulation, with additional compartments for food and up to three bottles. A zippered main compartment and clear zippered pocket in the top flap keeps everything you need to carry organized all day, from food containers to water bottles and utensils to napkins. To help with easy transportation, there’s a swivel clip on the handle, which makes it a cinch to attach your baby lunch bag to your stroller. An Agion-treated interior helps keep mold, mildew, and bacteria at bay so you can be sure your kid’s lunch is clean and germ-free, and Teflon-treated exteriors offer 24/7 spill resistance.

Designs Kids (and Parents!) Will Fall For

Our prints and patterns make these lunch bags for kids appealing and unique, and details like the perfect pocket to chic polished metal hardware that adds a little extra shine. But you don’t have to be a kid to appreciate these fashionable lunch bags: we have patterns that are fun and cute for kids or sophisticated enough for mom and dad to pack and eat from at the office. Plus, all of our lunch bags are machine washable for a quick clean whenever you need it!

Shop Bags for Parents and Kids at JuJuBe

At JuJuBe, we hold our fashionable, durable and insulated lunch bag styles to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. All of our pieces are designed in-house, and we think of every detail so that you don’t have to, from the ease to pack, insulation quality, fit of compartments and more. For more on-the-go options, shop our snack bags for kids and best-selling bags for parents, from backpack styles to messenger bags and everything in between.