Busy parents have plenty to worry about, which is why at JuJuBe we set out to create stylish, smart bags and accessories that Moms and Dads can trust. All of our bags are covered by a limited lifetime warranty, so you know you can count on us for seriously durable, beautifully crafted pieces you’ll enjoy for years to come. Shop our JuJuBe bags and accessories now to see how we’re defining what you can expect from your diaper bag, tote, or backpack.

Our Limited Lifetime Warranty for Bags

JuJuBe is proud to offer a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects on our line of bags and accessories. JuJuBe stands behind each bag we manufacture with a rock-solid warranty and a proven track record of customer success.

What is Covered

Most JuJuBe bags are covered for the lifetime of the product or 10 years -- whichever comes first for any manufacturer defects. That includes torn stitching, misplaced labels, or any manufacturing error caused by the factory during production. A replacement bag of the same style and print will be offered up, however the same print is not guaranteed and if it is sold out will issue store credit for the original amount purchased. For international customers, you will be offered a gift card in USD for the amount paid for your bag, less duties and taxes. Replacement bags will not be mailed internationally.

Defective bags are required to be returned before warranty claims can finish processing.

Items purchased under FINAL SALE have a 30 day warranty from the date of purchase. Items purchased at the Alternative Retail Warehouse Sale Event also have a 30 day warranty from the date of purchase with a proof of purchase required.

Who is Covered:

The original purchaser of the bag obtained through an authorized retailer. 

What is Not Covered:

Non-diaper bag items such as Baby Essentials including blankets, swaddles, teethers, socks, bibs, nursery organizers, and nursery essentials. Used or second-hand bags, bags purchased from the secondary market, or bags that were not originally purchased by/for the original user, tears in the fabric not related to stitching, animal damage, and customized products. In order to file a claim the lot and wash tag must be attached to the bag or else this voids the warranty.

Items purchased as FINAL SALE have a 30 day warranty window from the date of purchase.

90 Day Warranty

JuJuBe offers a 90 day warranty on the Nature Babe, Perfect Backpack, and Dr. Mom Diaper bags sold at Target; Eco Steps, Be Chill, Be Relaxed, Be Grounded, and Be Playful.

3-Year Warranty

JuJuBe offers a 3-year limited warranty on the JJB by JuJuBe bags. This includes the Modern and Deluxe Backpacks sold on Amazon.

Bags For the Baby Years and Beyond

At JuJuBe, we believe that our bags should stand the test of time and last you well beyond the baby and toddler years. That’s why our designs are versatile and classic so you can continue to enjoy them for plenty of time to come. Shop all of our bags and accessories to discover amazing pieces that are timeless, elegant, and fun to use.

Defective bags are required to be returned before warranty claims can finish processing.

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