Paci pods keep your baby's pacifier clean & easy to find! You'll never want to leave the house without your adorable pacifier case. Shop today!

We’ve all been there: baby is getting fussy and you’re stuck digging through a bottomless diaper bag to find their pacifier stuffed at the bottom of your bag among everything else you own. With our paci pod, you’ll be able to find your child’s pacifier in no time, and keep it clean and free of debris. Clip your pacifier case to your bag strap, baby’s car seat or a belt loop for easy access. Keep that ever important pacifier handy wherever you go with cute pacifier pod styles from jujube!

Pacifier Pods With Smart Design

We’ve considered every aspect of design in each of our one-of-a-kind pacifier pouch styles with features that offer unparalleled convenience and safety. Each pacifier case is the perfect size to fit a paci so parents can rest assured it’s clean when it's in baby's mouth. The Agion-lined interior of our paci pods keeps away mold, mildew, and bacteria, while the Teflon-coated exterior fends off stains to help make it easy to clean. Elastic straps inside the pod allow you to store two pacifiers in one secure place (because we know how they tend to get lost!)