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Rainy Day Activities for Kids: What to Do With Your Kids During a Rainy Day

We know how it is: bad weather can dash even the best-laid plans, leaving you with nothing to do and a house full of kids who are hopping off the walls! When it comes to rainy day activities for kids, a little flexibility and creativity go a long way—and while you and your littles might first be disappointed about your plans, with some fun activities and a few tricks up your sleeve, you’ll see how fun and manageable those gloomy days can be. Read our favorite rainy day activities for ideas on how to keep your kids happy, busy, and engaged, even when the weather doesn’t go your way.

Have an Indoor Picnic

Our best tip for turning a rainy day around is to treat it as an opportunity for adventure, and once they get a glimpse at your sunny attitude, your kids will soon follow suit. One of our favorite rainy day activities for kids? An indoor picnic! Use a lunch box, JuJuBe backpack, or waterproof diaper bag to pack your children plenty of tasty snacks and sandwiches (we favor foods that take a little while to eat, like sliced apples, baby carrots, pretzels and hummus, and anything that slows them down a little bit!) Then, choose a fun indoor location to travel to and load up the kids with some picnic activities, like coloring books and crayons, a few favorite toys, or even a musical instrument. Help them lay out a blanket in the “picnic spot” of their choice and relax as they nosh and play.

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Send Them on A Scavenger Hunt

If you don’t mind a little mud (and extra bathtime) and there’s no sign of thunder, a rainy day doesn’t necessarily mean all play needs to take place indoors. Get your littles made up in their raincoats and boots—mom can supervise with a waterproof diaper bag and an umbrella—and send them into the yard for a rainy day scavenger hunt! Come up with a list of things each child needs to bring back, such as leaves, acorns, twigs, stones, and so on. Chances are they’ll enjoy the hunt, as well as the novelty of getting outside in the rain and jumping in puddles quite a bit. Once everyone is bathed, it will be the perfect time for a little treat, like a nice cup of hot chocolate.

Go to An Indoor Pool

Another one of our favorite rainy day activities for kids also involves water—albeit in a more contained form! Pack your waterproof diaper bag with swimsuits, goggles, and towels to brave the rain for the dash to the car, and get yourselves to the local pool for a little splashing around! The kids will burn up a ton of energy, and you’ll also have a chance to beat any rainy day restlessness by getting out of the house in the afternoon. Want to make the day even better? Call up a friend with kids who lives nearby and arrange a pool playdate so that you all get a little socializing in, too! Make sure to bring a wet bag along to keep those damp swimsuits separated from your dry clothes inside of your purse!

Visit a Museum

Chances are there’s a museum that’s been on your bucket list for ages, and when the weather goes south, that trip to the science center or art museum can be one of the best rainy day activities for kids. Most museums offer deeply discounted or free admission for kids, and whether or not you’re headed to a children’s museum for interactive exhibits or the MoMA, you’ll have a chance to get a little education in for everyone. Take the time to enjoy lunch together at the museum cafe, and before you go, give each child a piece of paper and some crayons and ask them to draw their favorite piece or exhibit from the day.

Small child draws with colored pencils

Learn a New Skill or Craft

With all the fun tutorials available online, a rainy day is a great opportunity to learn a new skill or craft. Whether that’s a language lesson geared toward children, making a piece of jewelry, or baking some cheerful cupcakes, the dreary day will feel a little more like a fun adventure if you use it as a chance to introduce your child to a new skill or idea. And, if you need to make a quick run to the store for materials, make sure you bring a waterproof diaper bag that will make it easier to carry any precious or delicate supplies out of the store!

Create a Home Movie Theater

You don’t need to stray far or spend a fortune on tickets to recreate the movie theater experience for your little ones. Start by asking your children to design and color movie “tickets” that will admit them to the theater. One child can work the concession stand where they have bowls of popcorn available for “purchase,” along with juice boxes and any other treats that will help them enjoy the show. One child can also pretend to be the usher—simply give them a handheld flashlight that they can use to show family members to their seats in advance of the movie. Then, all mom needs to do is cue up their favorite feature to keep them entertained, and you have an easy afternoon of rainy day activities for kids all planned out.

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