Newborn Twins Checklist

Newborn Twins Checklist

When you become pregnant, a whirlwind of emotions and questions will start filling your mind. You begin thinking of what you will need, how you will budget, and you’ll start reading up on everything else you might not have thought of. This goes double if you are expecting twins! 

A new baby means clothes, diaper bags, a stroller, and more. Two new babies means doubling up on almost every front. 

With this newborn twins checklist, we’ll break down what you need and offer some time-saving tricks. That way, when you bring your bouncing babies home, you will be completely prepared. 

Newborn Twins Checklist: How to Stay Prepared

When it comes to caring for newborn twins, there is a lot to consider. It’s important to take a moment to pause and take stock of what you and your new babies will need so you can establish a newborn twins routine

Start With A Timeline

To stay on top of things, the first thing to do is talk to your doctor about the delivery plan that is right for you. 

  • According to Parents, twins often come earlier than single pregnancies, with most doctors delivering between “34 and 39 weeks, depending on whether the twins share a placenta.” 
  • Talk to your OBGYN about prenatal care for twins, a birthing plan, and other medical needs going forward. 

Having your birthing plan communicated and prepared early will help you stay on top of your timeline.

Reach Out For Support

Set yourself up for success by getting a support system together.

  • Other Parents – Whether you are already a parent or these twins are your first (and second), it’s a great idea to talk to parents in your area, especially those with multiples. They can offer a sense of community and provide valuable insight into the tips for raising twins they’ve picked up along the way .
  • Classes and Support Groups – Pregnancy classes and support groups are a great resource for expecting parents. Not only will you have access to a wealth of knowledge, but you’ll also be connected to local people with a shared experience of having multiples. Who knows, you might even meet some lifelong friends.
  • Family and Friends – They say that raising a baby takes a village, which rings true even more so for twins. Give your friends and family the opportunity to support you through this wonderful experience. Who’s up for babysitting this weekend!?

Twin Essentials

When looking at what essentials to get for your babies, make life easier by compiling a list of everything you need, and then marking which items you need two of. 


Bags are every parent’s best friend. They’re a great way to stay organized and to always have what you need while on the go. A couple of bags you should consider are:

  • Diaper Bag – An essential tool that comes in a wide variety of sizes and styles to best suit your needs. With twins, you will need twice the supplies, so go for a larger diaper bag that will fit it all. 
  • Breast Pump Bags – For breastfeeding parents, breast pump bags are great because they keep your milk supply temperature-controlled and bacteria-free. 

Pro-tip: Bag clips allow you to attach your bag right onto a stroller. 

Transportation For Your Babies

This brings us to our next checklist must: transportation. 

There are many infant-carrying devices, from the simple stroller to backpack carriers and slings. Invest in a double stroller and carriers that accommodate for two little ones, as well as two car seats. 

Bed Time

According to surveys, most new parents operate on less than 6 hours of sleep per night. With twins, your chances of getting enough shut-eye are even worse. Your best preventative measure for the occasional sleep-filled night? A bed that sets up your babies for a good night’s sleep.

Newborn twins don’t necessarily need their own cribs, but if you choose to have them sleep separately, you will need two cribs and multiple sets of bedding. 

Washing Up

Bathing your babies can get hectic with two, so don’t forget to double up on towels and washcloths. One tip from Joanna Venditti, a mom of twins, is to only do baths every few days and do sponge baths in between.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Make sure you have the right equipment at the ready to make meal time as smooth as possible. If you are planning on breastfeeding, you will need a breast pump and bottles, as well as helpful additions, like a nursing bra and pads. 

And when it comes to feeding time, make sure that you have two sets of bibs, high chairs, and any other feeding supplies. 

Twice the Excitement

Whether you are a first-time parent or have experience raising children, bringing newborn twins home can be as daunting as it is exciting. Make sure to get everything you need before the big day to set yourself up for success.