How to Pack for a Day at a Theme Park

How to Pack for a Day at a Theme Park

As a California-based company, we LOVE theme parks, amusement parks, fairs, and all things festive & fun! Watching our kids experience all the sights and rides for the first, second, millionth time is the absolute best, and it allows us to relive our own childhood right alongside them! (because really, is anyone ever too old for the magic of a theme park? Never & Nope.)

But as all parents know, packing smart is an absolute. 100%.  NECESSITY for days at theme parks. Amusement park trips are incredible, but they’re also hot, long, hungry, and exhausting! 

We compiled a few must-haves for packing at theme parks! Check ‘em out:


Whether they’re for changing baby or wiping dirty faces or surfaces, wipes are a staple! Keep wipes in easy reach with our versatile, super-cute Be Quicks!

First Aid Kit

Got Bandaids? Theme park thrills can lead to spills, so make sure you keep boo-boo basics on-hand! Our multi-purpose Be Organized stows not only changes of clothes, but the small mesh piece is PERFECT for see-through, easy access to first aid items!


Long days mean lots of sun exposure, so make sure you have sunscreen with a high SPF at the ready! Our BFF/Be Dry bundle is the perfect combination of a roomy backpack AND a Be Dry for storing sunscreen or dirty clothes! Hands-free, sunburn-free, & mess-free magic FTW!

A Safe Place for Cash & Cards

You will need a safe place to keep keys, cash, & cards while on rides or when you have to park the stroller. The Freedom 2-in-1 Belt Bag is the perfect size for storing phones, small wallets, & keys! BONUS: we hear this small hip-hugger is allowed on most rides, even coasters!

Inexpensive Ponchos

Plan for rain so you aren’t stuck buying expensive theme park ponchos! A few cheap ponchos fold up perfectly inside our Be Set! Match it to your other JJB bags for YOUR perfect theme park theme!


It goes without saying that long, exciting days lead to famished kids & parents! Store power-packed, healthy snacks in a few Be Snacks you can pull out while waiting in long lines.

Refillable Water Bottle

It is SO important to stay hydrated in the hot sun. A few refillable water bottles or backpack-style water packs you can refill at water fountains will save you a lot of money and plastic waste! Store water bottles in the insulated side pockets of many of our larger bags, or have a dedicated Fuel Cell to corral all the family’s water bottles!

Busy Bags

Lines can be long, and children’s patience is often short. Keep them entertained in line or on transportation by storing small toys, markers, and notepads in a Be Dapper! This versatile little zipper bag is the perfect size & price point to make personalized busy bags for every kid in your group!

Mama, we hope this list helps you make the most magical day EVER next time you head to a theme park! JJB is all about offering products that will keep you prepared, confident, and able to live in the magic of the moment! 

Mark your planner for our upcoming Hello Rainbow release on 9/17! Seriously, could there be a happier, sunnier, more delightful little print to take to a theme park??

PPS. Check out a few of the below videos from our community about how to pack for amusement parks! And don’t forget to tag us on social media with YOUR pictures and tips for packing for theme parks! We love hearing from our fans!

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