(a sisterhood of support #JJBReal)

Here at JuJuBe, it isn’t just about the bags … it’s about so much MORE. Yes, JuJuBe offers innovative products that allow you to perform your best as a parent, but we also celebrate your interests and passions as an individual. Being a mom doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style, fashion, or fun!

Our loyal community embraces this belief and supports each other within our thriving online sisterhood. Our community is comprised of real moms who know that authenticity is better than perfection, and that support and community are essential!


So what is a Pink Lady? While it means something different for everyone, at heart a Pink Lady is a JuJuBe lover (aka: super fan!) who is enamored not only with our products but with the lifestyle we represent. Our inclusive community is at the heart of everything we do, and our loyal fans are active participants in our product designs, print releases, social media forums, and regional get togethers.

Pink Ladies say they came for the bags but stayed for the people. It started with discussions about diaper bags but has broadened to touch almost every part of parenting … and life. Together we have celebrated births, shed tears with disappointing loss, and made lifelong friendships. Together, we have done amazing good in the world. From big things like donating over a half million dollars to breast cancer research to small things like supporting women in STEM with scholarships, our community has made it possible.

Come see what we’re all about: join our Facebook Community and follow us on Instagram … ask a question, share pictures of your new diaper bag, and make sure to enter our weekly Real Mom Giveaway for a chance to win a JuJuBe diaper bag.

We’re confident you’ll love being a part of the JuJuFamily!