(smart bags for smart people … you are smart so your bag should be too!)

Machine Washable

Need we say more?

Stain Resistant

Bye-bye mess.

Anti-Odor Linings

No more hidden ickies.

Memory Foam Changing Pad

Nice ‘n comfy.

Light Colored Linings

You can see what’s inside. It’s not just a big black hole!

Smart Pockets

Including the Mommy Pocket for easy access and tons of organization.

Crumb Drains

Crushed up crackers be gone!

Insulated Bottle Pockets

Very cool … literally and figuratively.

Adjustable, Versatile and Comfy Straps

Just the right size for everyone.

Durable Hardware

Strong and beautiful … just like you!

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Best customer service around!

...And So Much More!

JuJuBe is the original innovator in diaper bags and baby gear. The more you use, the more you love.

Check out the cool details we came up with from over 15 years of design feedback, which everyone else seems to be copying (blush, blush, we're so flattered!)