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      Large backpacks

      Large backpacks

      Forget what you know about backpacks and big diaper bags—we’ve reinvented them. With no detail overlooked you and baby will be ready for anything. Our large backpacks are designed with care & style so you can accommodate all of your needs without compromising on fashion. Discover backpacks built with parents in mind, available only at JuJuBe.

      Premium Quality Designs

      We’ve created our large backpacks to be elegant enough for Moms on-the-go, even when baby isn’t in tow. Premium details like chic metal hardware, streamlined silhouettes, and materials like vegan leather and alluring patterns make these bags a stand out. Use yours to tote your laptop around or as a big diaper bags that allows you to move through your day completely hands-free.

      Bag Features

      These large backpacks include smartly-designed features like Thinsulate-lined bottle pockets for temperature control, a Mommy Pocket to hold all essentials like sunglasses and keys, and padded straps and back panels for a comfortable wear all day. The Teflon-treated exterior makes it easy to wipe away spills, while the Agion-treated interior prevents the formation of mold and bacteria. Our large backpacks include vegan leather exteriors that are also spill resistant, easy to wipe clean, and come complete with a cozy memory foam changing pad.

      JuJuBe: Bags for Parents and Everyday

      We believe baby accessories and bags should be appealing and easy to use, which is why we invest countless hours designing all of our products until they’re perfect. All of our large backpacks come with a limited lifetime warranty, so you know we’re serious about strength, quality, and the needs of our customers. Discover more diaper bags, backpacks, and accessories for mom at JuJuBe today.

      Hatch - Wheat - Jujube Hatch - Wheat - Jujube
      Vector - Wheat - Jujube Vector - Wheat - Jujube
      Hatch - Forest Green - Jujube Hatch - Forest Green - Jujube
      Be Right Back - Whimsical Whisper Be Right Back - Whimsical Whisper
      SOLD OUT
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      Be Nurtured - Sakura at Dusk Be Nurtured - Sakura at Dusk
      Be Right Back - Prism Rose - Ju-Ju-Be Be Right Back - Prism Rose - Ju-Ju-Be
      $89.65 $163.00
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      Hatch - Gene - Jujube Hatch - Gene - Jujube
      Hatch - Carbon - Jujube Hatch - Carbon - Jujube
      Vector - Gene - Jujube Vector - Gene - Jujube


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