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What to Pack in Your Toddler’s Bag

When your child transitions from baby to toddler, their needs change along with their growing bodies and brains. Whether the two of you are spending the day out of the house on a trip to the park or are off for a weekend away, you’ll need to carry some gear in your toddler bag to help both of you get through your days smoothly and peacefully. We’ve put together a handy list of toddler bag essentials that will keep your little one happy, healthy, and safe (and keep mom sane!) while the two of you are on-the-go.

Toddler Essential #1: Diapers and Wipes Or Extra Underwear

If you’ve got a younger toddler who hasn’t been potty trained just yet, you’ll want to bring one diaper for every hour you’ll be out of the house in your toddler bag. Older toddler essentials include a change of underwear and pants because if you’re in the throes of potty training, you surely know that accidents don’t just happen—at this stage they’re fairly commonplace. Of course, you’ll also want a to-go pack of wipes which will come in handy in all sorts of situations for both mommy and child.

Toddler Essential #2: Changing Pads and Wet Bags

Along with the toddler essentials like diapers, you’ll want to stash a changing pad in your toddler’s bag so that you’re ready to do those diaper changes as soon as your child needs them. At JuJuBe, every toddler bag and diaper bag comes with a memory foam changing pad, so you’ll always be prepared to tackle that diaper change no matter where you are. For older children or accidents, a wet bag can be a crucial help in keeping those damp clothes isolated from the rest of your bag which mom will surely appreciate!

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Toddler Essential #3: Sunscreen and Hand Sanitizer

Both moms and toddlers will need these essentials for days out of the house! Keep your tiny guy or gal protected from the sun with a travel-sized sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30—higher if you plan on spending lots of time in direct sun like at the beach or the park. Travel-sized hand sanitizers are many a mom’s savior for sticky situations—you’re likely already noticing how much your toddler likes to touch and pick up everything around them, even things they definitely should steer clear of. If you want to make these toddler essentials easier to find in your crowded toddler bag, we recommend a handy pouch that will be easy to locate when you need it.

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Toddler Essential #4: Toys and Entertainment

If your toddler had things their way, your toddler bag would likely be stuffed with all of their favorite toys and games, though with some smart packing, moms can accommodate plenty of smaller items that will keep your little ones happy and placated. Petite stuffed animals and figurines, travel-sized boxes of crayons and small pads of paper with small books of stickers are a great way to occupy your little one during moments of downtime. If they’re still using a pacifier, you definitely don’t want to forget that to soothe them when they get fussy. A JuJuBe paci pod can be hooked onto your toddler bag strap and is a great way to keep that pacifier clean and in your sight, so you’ll both feel happy and at ease.

Toddler Essential #5: Extra Layers and Blankets

Be ready for mercurial weather—or just a cozy nap!—with a small blanket that you can tuck over your toddler while they’re in the stroller or spread out at the park for a quick break. If you can’t fit a full change of clothes in your toddler’s bag, we definitely recommend adding at least one slightly warmer layer like a long sleeve tee or sweater that will help keep your little one protected from the elements. A sun hat and tiny sunglasses are handy (and oh so adorable!) for spring and summer, while knit caps and mittens will keep your toddler super comfy while the two of you tackle cooler temperatures.

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Toddler Essential #6: Snacks and Toddler Essential #7: Drinks

Any mom of toddlers knows that snacks and drinks rank pretty high (maybe right after diapers?) on the list of toddler essentials. For busy days, make sure you have a water bottle and creative yet healthy snacks that are easy to pack and fun for your tiny guy or gal to nosh on. Banana slices, yogurt tubes, and string cheese are great for younger toddlers while older kids can sate their cravings with fruit snacks, granola bars, or crackers and nut butter or hummus. Need to keep those munchies cool? A compact, insulated snack bag will help keep snacks at the right temperature for hours in your toddler’s bag.

Toddler Essential #8: Don’t Forget Mom’s Wallet and Phone

When packing your toddler bag, often times your tote or backpack doubles as mom’s purse for the day. Choose a bag that has plenty of storage for your items too! At JuJuBe, our convertible diaper bags feature convenient Mommy Pockets, a separate space for moms and dads to stash their cell phones, keys, and wallets so that they are easily accessible and don’t get lost in the shuffle. Many of our bags also include designated sunglasses pockets, so you can keep your glasses or shades safe and sound from the everyday hustle.

Stylish Toddler Bag Options at JuJuBe

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