What to Pack for a Successful Beach Trip with Your Baby

What to Pack for a Successful Beach Trip with Your Baby

Summer is here, and if you’re anything like us, you can’t WAIT to hit the beach with your little ones and for some much needed outside play and fresh ocean air. Packing the perfect beach day bag can be tricky, so we’ve put together a simple beach day packing list to make sure you have all the essentials on hand and a whole lot of fun on baby’s first beach trip!

A few things to remember:

Newborns have a tough time regulating body temperature, so make sure you have shade, light clothing, and lots of liquids on hand if it’s hot out there! Consider an early morning or late afternoon trip to avoid the peak heat.

Sunscreen is a backup plan, not a first line of defense! Make sure sensitive baby skin is protected by hats, lightweight sleeves, and sunnies.

Swim diapers are designed to hold in solids, but not liquids – make sure you wait until just before you get in the water to change baby into swim gear!

Without further ado, here’s our list of must haves for the perfect day at the beach:

A flawless, carry-everything beach tote.

We designed the Super-Be especially for days like this. It’s big enough to hold everything you’ll need, comfortable to carry, and easy to wash when you get home! You’ll love it in teal – the perfect beachy vibe for a mini-vacay.

 HENBAY Fluffy Large Beach Towel - 4 Pack Plush 30 x 60 Inch Cotton Pool Towel, Oversized Mixture Striped Swimming Cabana Towel

Big, fluffy towels (one for everyone!)

Nobody likes a wet towel, and we all know babies make plenty of splashy mess, so pack one great big beach wrap for everyone! This popular set is as timeless as it is cheerful.

Coleman Beach Shade Shelter

Your own shade, for comfy naps and covered playtimes.

Sun protection is job number one for a safe and successful beach trip. Help baby avoid sunburn and stay cool at the beach with a super practical pop-up play tent! Look for something with full sun protection, a sturdy sand-proof floor, and the flexibility to pack up small and be easy to haul.

 Beachfront Baby Wrap

A quick-dry carrier for safe play in the surf.

Speaking of hauling, you’ll probably have your hands pretty full, so invest in a beach-friendly baby carrier to help you juggle your belongings and your little one. A mesh wrap, quick-dry buckle carrier, or athletic fabric sling are great for wading and splashing - just remember to keep your feet on the ground and the water at your waist or below while wearing baby.

 Ruffle One Piece

Baby swim gear with plenty of coverage.

For babies who are too little for sunscreen (and as a first line of sun protection for those who are old enough), you’ll want to find beach baby clothes that cover sensitive skin. Long-sleeved rash guards, cute coordinating cover-ups, and big floppy hats are a great place to start. Remember to keep fabrics light and breathable, and be mindful that baby still spends plenty of time in the shade!

 Feetcity Barefoot Water Shoes

Tiny shoes for toddling on hot sand.

Even grown-ups have a hard time with the heat of beach sand, so make sure your little walker’s toes are protected with a pair of water-ready beach shoes!

  Babygoal Wet Dry Bags for Baby Cloth Diapers, Washable Travel Bags, Beach, Pool, Gym Bag for Swimsuits & Wet Clothes with Two Zippered Pockets 3 Pack

Swim diapers and wipes, as well as plenty of wet bags.

Trust us: you can NEVER have too many wet bags on a beach day. Whether you invest in reusable bags or bring a fistful of Ziplocks with you, you’ll need a place to store soggy suits, old diapers, snack and food garbage, spit-up cloths, and all the other messes baby will inevitably make. Wet bags will save you from slimy, sandy doom. Don’t forget to load one up with swim diapers and wipes for baby, and another with a clean change of clothes for relaxing after water playtime!


 Roebury Beach Blanket Sand Proof & Outdoor Picnic Blanket

A water-resistant blanket.

Keep your towels free for drying and snuggling and the sand out of your food with a water-resistant blanket designed for beach picnics. The best versions are machine washable and spill resistant.


A mineral sunscreen for babies 6+ months.

While sunscreen shouldn’t be your only sun protection, it’s still an essential for older babies. Find a trustworthy mineral sunscreen with a white cast that makes it easier to see that baby is completely covered. They won’t mind looking a little silly, and you’ll love the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re protecting baby’s skin from the sun.

Other must-pack items:

A “parents only” pouch for your phone, keys, Chapstick, and essentials.

Floaties or life jackets for water-active kiddos

Snacks – try pouches and single-serve items for ease.

Baby powder to help clean sand off sensitive skin.

Beach toys (nothing too precious – it’s easy to lose toys at the beach!)

Comfort items like a pacifier or a love

Lots and lots of water to keep you and little ones hydrated

BandAids, just in case

Sunglasses for the whole family


Wishing you and your family an absolutely beautiful day at the beach!