Fall in Love with Vegan Leather

Fall in Love with Vegan Leather

JuJuBe began in 2005 with a mission to improve the parenting experience via fun, functional bags. The Ever Collection launched 13 years later as our crowning achievement... gorgeous, organized bags made with eco-and-animal friendly Vegan Leather. 

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Sustainable, Cruelty-Free Vegan Leather Keeps Your Consumer Conscience Clear

You want the best, and you deserve it! Our Vegan Leather provides all the luxury of leather without any of the harm. Unlike traditional leather, our Vegan Leather is free of animal products and harsh chemical treatments that hurt the earth. Check out these five Vegan Leather benefits to help you make the prettier, greener, switch!

1. Animal Friendly

Vegan Leather is a huge step forward in sustainability. JuJuBe prioritizes the welfare of all living creatures, and our use of Vegan Leather is an innovative way to reduce our impact on our planet.

2. Environmentally Kind

Authentic leather is not just harmful to animals, it also requires extensive treatment before manufacturing. These treatments include chemicals toxic to the environment and make it difficult for the leather to biodegrade over time. Our Vegan Leather has a genuine leather look & feel without harsh chemical treatments and the damage they cause.

3. Durable 

Vegan Leather is stain resistant, water resistant, and can survive the wear & tear of the elements. All that durability for the same luxurious look of traditional leather!

4. The Right Look

Vegan Leather is backed by extensive research and development… from finding the right materials to ensuring the look & feel are indistinguishable from authentic leather. This means there’s lots of variation in texture and composition in Vegan Leather’s aesthetic scope. When we decided to create a Vegan Leather line we searched for years to craft the ideal material for durability, fashion, & earth friendliness!

5. Economical 

Genuine leather requires a higher level of treatment with harsh chemicals, creating a much longer process. This is why traditional leather demands a higher market value, making it more expensive than Vegan Leather. Our leather is less expensive to produce because we don't require animal products. We use materials we already have to avoid harm to animals and a larger price tag!

100% Beautiful 

Available in a variety of gorgeous colorways, our Vegan Leather blends a luxury look & feel with scratch-n-fade resistant durability. With safely-sourced, long-lasting materials and a look that will always be on trend... your Ever Collection pieces will stand the test of time.

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