The Working Moms’ Guide to Staying Sane

The Working Moms’ Guide to Staying Sane


We’ve all heard moms referred to as the “CEO of the family,” and that is 100% true! But there are SO many roles a mom plays in even a single day: chef, housekeeper, nurse, therapist, teacher, and more! With all these balls to juggle, how do busy working moms manage to balance not only their professional responsibilities, but home life (and perhaps even a little self-care?) Read on for tips that will help keep working moms (& ALL busy moms) sane!


It can be difficult to think of adding more work to your busy week, but seriously— staying organized with the week’s events is a sanity must-have. You can purchase a large whiteboard or calendar preprinted with weeks and rows for each family member’s events, or just get a blank board and do it yourself! Pick a weekend day to sit down with each member of your family and fill in the next week’s happenings so nothing is forgotten and it is a fun bonding experience. There are also many family apps that can be downloaded and shared amongst family members for easy access to schedules! Whichever way you do it, it’s a win-win not having any last minute, stressful scheduling surprises!

This is a great one for kids and parents to do together before bedtime! Give your kids a bit of independence by letting them pick nutritious foods for the next day’s lunch (note: the new Be Cool and Fuel Cells work perfectly as lunchboxes!) and then place the packed lunch box in the fridge to stay fresh for the next morning! You can also encourage them to make sure their planners, folders, and homework are safely inside their backpacks the night before so they’re not rushing and forgetting the next morning! While you’re at it, take time to pack your own bag the night before too. Jujube has plenty of great diaper bag purses that double as excellent work bags.

Mama, we know you CAN do it all, but you shouldn’t have to! Housework should be a communal effort between parents and kids, and a good old fashioned chore chart can make sure there is no arguing about what is expected that day. You could even consolidate by marking each person’s chore(s) that day in the family calendar!

Kids are almost as busy as parents these days, with sports, friends, clubs, and school! You could easily spend hours in the car driving kids to their day’s activities, but enlisting the help of fellow parents by taking turns carpooling kids to shared activities is a serious timesaver/lifesaver!

We mention this tip last on the list not because it is less important than the others, but because it is often the last thing moms think to prioritize! So let’s say it twice for the moms in the back: You deserve me-time! You deserve me-time! YES, being a mom is amazing and fulfilling and you couldn’t imagine life another way. But you are also an individual with hobbies, passions, and interests that existed before you became a mom (and that still exist now!) Make sure you take the time to take care of yourself in whichever way you are needing, and know it’s ok for that need to change day to day. Something as small as a 15 minute walk can make all the difference on some trying days with toddlers, and scheduling in a monthly meetup with friends is always amazing!




Working mamas, and ALL mamas: you can do this! And with the help of some of our super-organized and beautiful styles & accessories (especially in brand new Sketch… does organization get any prettier?!) you can be sure to keep calm and carry on in work & mom life!