The Queen’s New Look

The Queen’s New Look

Learn about JuJuBe’s updated, upgraded Queen of the Nile releasing 2/13!

The Queen is back, and she’s fiercer than ever!

On an never-ending quest to stay ahead of the trend, JuJuBe has given Queen of the Nile a subtle, modern makeover—all while retaining the chevron print that made the original famous!

Read on to explore the exciting updates that make this Queen your go-to for every occasion: 

New Aesthetics 


  • The original shiny gold hardware has been upgraded to an elegant brushed gold
  • The nameplate features the new JuJube logo & is slightly raised for an upscale look


  • We’ve upgraded the fabric to a thicker TPE laminate for durability and a high-end look & feel


  • We’ve lightened the lining to a modern silver that is both on-trend as well as practical (SO easy to see everything packed in your bag!)

Queen of the Nile is available in our classic style lineup, and you can now also get the Queen in TEN of our newer, popular styles!

    Collect your favorite Queen of the Nile styles on 2/13 for a style lineup worthy of a queen!