The Best jujube Bags To Take on Family Hikes

The Best jujube Bags To Take on Family Hikes

Fresh air, exercise, serenity… and sippy cups?? Getting outdoors with children requires a bit more preparation than the pre-child days of strapping on boots for a spontaneous hike (nothing like a hungry toddler to snap you out of zen mode!) But have no fear, jujube bags will keep you calm and hiking on with kids of all ages!


Bags for Hiking with Babies

Where my babywearing mamas at?? When it comes to hiking with infants babywearing is going to be your go-to (unless you’re facing a well-groomed, flat trail that a jogging stroller could manage!) With infants this usually means a front-carry, which means backpacks are going to be your best friend!

The Be Right Back is the perfect hiking backpack for parents with young babies or multiple kids! This large backpack has oodles of organizational pockets and lots of space for packing diapers, wipes, bottles, toys, and blankets!

For those wanting a super-lightweight-but-roomy option, our new Zealous backpack is the hiking bag for you! Super cute and comfy, you can fit baby’s essentials as well as bug spray, sunscreen, and water bottles for the family!


Bags for Hiking with Toddlers and Young Kids
Toddlers and younger kids are the perfect age to establish a lifelong appreciation for the outdoors! Whether you’re potty-training a toddler or needing snacks and drinks for elementary age kiddos, JJB has the bag you need for your hike with younger children! Better yet, our kids’ backpacks allow your little ones to carry an accessory of their own!

Yes—it is possible to successfully hike with potty-training toddlers! The new Midi backpack is the perfect medium-sized bag for storing a change of clothes, wipes, even a portable potty seat! Bonus: it’s super lightweight and uber cute!

While you’re helping foster a connection to nature, why not also give your toddler and older kids the independence to carry their own hiking essentials? The Minibe is the cutest, featherweight bag for storing favorite snacks and even a camera for snapping pics during hiking adventures! This small backpack is great for both moms and kids. It’s the perfect toddler backpack and also makes an amazing mini diaper bag for moms with little ones.

Bags for Hiking with Tweens and Older Kids
Help tweens and older kids unplug and connect with the tranquility of nature with regular family hikes! The exercise, mindfulness, and good conversation that comes from hiking in nature offers older kids a healthy outlet as well as amazing family bonding opportunities! This age group is all about accessories and organization; read on to see a few of our favorite smaller bags & organizing pieces below!

Older kiddos often don’t need to carry much, but the new Freedom 2-in-1 Belt Bag is the perfect place to store small necessities and mementos they find on the trail!

Do you have a teenager eating you out of house and home? You’re not alone! A Fuel Cell is the perfect place to stash healthy snacks and water bottles when hiking with teens, and can be easily clipped to bigger bags for easy transport!

These adorable bags are beloved by all ages, and their small size and ability to be worn crossbody means an easy breezy way to carry small items when out hiking and exploring!

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