The Be Prepared First Lady

The Be Prepared First Lady

OK, if you don’t know already I have an obsession with bags and that includes diaper bags. Packing up a diaper bag can feel a little overwhelming sometimes. You are running around the house trying to remember everything you need. In your mind, you are always forgetting something.

One of my favorite bags is the Be Prepared JuJuBe diaper bag! It says it all! It has so many pockets and room to back everything you need to be prepared for whatever you are doing that day. I am guilty of over packing! I always like to have extra food, clothes, diapers, wipes, pacifiers, toys .. etc.

Sometimes I’m out longer than I planned to be . . . and this bag helps me have everything I want to have for Bobby J. The formula that Bobby drinks is a liquid so the side insulated pockets are perfect to keep his formula a cooler temperature.

Something else I love about the bag, it’s so easy to clean! You can just wipe it off or put it in the wash, AND it has crumb drains! As a mom, easy cleaning is a huge plus! It comes with a memory foam changing pad so your little one isn’t on those hard plastic public changing tables, YUCK!

I don’t just use my changing pad for that. Sometimes I put it in high chairs so he isn’t sitting and leaning on the hard chair. Or I’ll put it on the ground for him the stand when he is fighting me to keep his shoes on. At times I even sit on it so I don’t get my clothes dirty. I get creative with the memory foam pad at times. Haha.

The bag I have is the pattern “First Lady.” Can you say classy?! I love the look of this bag. . . I can tuck the tote handles away and just have the shoulder strap. It’s a perfect size for day trips, overnights, carry-on bag, and traveling.

Moms! This bag is a must have! ESPECIALLY if you are like me and over pack OR have more than one baby!

The Be Prepared First Lady