Roots Studio: Behind the Design

Roots Studio: Behind the Design

A Collection with a Conscience

We proudly present our newest collaboration, Roots Studio x JuJuBe. Roots Studio connects brands to indigenous artists who create cultural art bringing deep meaning to each style. Featuring artists from developing regions in southwest Asia, each design not only helps further their legacy creatively, but also provides a sustainable source of income to their family and community.

The Bhil Tribe and their Art

Bhil Tribe

The Bhil tribe is an ethnic group inhabiting the Western part of Central India. Well over 1.5 million Bhil’s live as marginal farmers in almost 2000 villages, yet many have also migrated into cities too. Members of the Bhil tribe possess a vast array of rich customs and traditions connected to their land and agrarian roots. Bhil people record history by decorating the walls and floors of their houses. Their distinctive “pointillist” art features multiple layers of symbolism. Inspired by kernels of maize – the Bhil’s staple crop – each group of dots often represent an ancestor, prayer, story, memory, or tradition.

Two Artists and their Designs

Dotted Diamonds and Sunbeam by Ramesh Katara

Ramesh Katara Bhil Tribe

Lined in soft blush and adorned with satin rose gold hardware, Dotted Diamonds tells a story with dots in various shades of pink, orange, and brown upon a blush background. Skillfully painted by Ramesh Katara into a symphony of multihued and rhythmic dots, each joins another in wavelike ripples from one diamond to the next.

Rise and shine with the soft yellow pastel of Sunbeam! Look inside to find another version of Dotted Diamonds in muted yellows and greens. Paired with satin gold hardware, this design echoes indigenous brilliance from generations past to present.

Wild Life and Embroidered Jade by Ramila Bariya and Lado Bai

Ramila BariyaRamila Bariya Lado Bai Bhil TribeLado Bai

Wild Life features Lado Bai and Ramila Bariya’s distinctive style of painting that includes vibrant colors, artistic dots, and village life. The theme of friendship between birds and animals appears frequently in Bhil art and Ramila beautifully renders dotted deer, peacocks, and other local birds coexisting harmoniously. Paired with fresh jade lining and satin silver hardware, you can mix-n-match Wild Life with the entire Roots Studio x JuJuBe Collection!

Each stitch tells a story with Embroidered Jade. Paired with Wild Life lining and satin silver hardware, Embroidered Jade showcases an intricate bird stitched atop smoky green Chromatics fabric.

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