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Popular Diaper Bags | The JuJuBe Ultimate Diaper Bag Buying Guide

Popular Diaper Bags | The JuJuBe Ultimate Diaper Bag Buying Guide

Are you looking for the perfect diaper bag? Whether you’re a first-time parent or you’re trying to figure out the right diaper bag to balance your life as a parent of kids who are different ages, there are popular diaper bags to suit your needs!

Figure Out Your Diaper Bag Style

Not all diaper bags are created equal. Diaper bags come in different styles, and you’ll be able to find one that meets your personal style as well as your personal needs. The most common styles are diaper tote bags, backpack diaper bags, and convertible diaper bags.

Tote bags are a great option if you’re looking for a large bag that is versatile. Diaper totes range in size and can be used with diaper bag pouches as organizers. Some tote bags also have extra pockets to make it easier to store your items and always know where everything is. Many of the most popular diaper bags come in this style because it’s fashionable, easy to fill with all the necessities you need and gives you a chance to use it even after baby has left the diapers.

Backpack diaper bags are another popular option among parents looking for diaper bags. They have plenty of space for all the diaper bag necessities you need and give you a chance to go hands-free. In the past, parents who chose backpack diaper bags traded the convenience of having their hands free for fashion. Now, though, you can find many options that are fashionable including small, medium, and large backpack options.

When you want the best of both worlds, convertible diaper bags are the answer. A convertible diaper bag will make it easy to switch between a tote style and a backpack style. Popular diaper bags that are convertible work well for different situations. One of the biggest benefits of a convertible diaper bag is being able to take it into places (like museums) where backpacks are not allowed. Many of JuJuBe’s diaper bags, including our JuJuBe BFF collection, have convertible straps that help transform bags from messenger style to backpack and back again!

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Tip #2: Choose Features for Your Bag

When you’re deciding on the right diaper bag for your needs, you’ll want to consider all the features you can get from the most popular diaper bags. You can choose features for your diaper bag like bags for strollers, tech options, and bags made specifically for traveling.

Stroller bags are great if you plan on using the diaper bag while walking or plan on using a stroller often. Popular diaper bags made for strollers have stroller straps that are easy to attach and fit comfortably underneath the seat of the stroller.

Another new and popular feature you can get with diaper bags are tech options. These styles allow you to store your diaper bag necessities but also provide space for all your tech gadgets. Diaper bags that have tech features include special pockets for phones, tablets, and other devices.

In addition to bags that have specific features, you may also want to consider popular diaper bags for traveling. Many times, these bags have convertible straps, come with plenty of extra storage and allow you to fit more into them. They’re great for parents who travel a lot or for your first big trip with baby.

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Tip #3: Make Sure Your Bag Meets Your Needs

Before you choose the diaper bag that’s right for you, there are some things you’ll need to consider. Ask yourself questions like:

Where are you going to use your bag?

If you know what you’ll be using your bag for most of the time, you’ll have a clear idea of what type of bag you need. Parents who plan to use their bag for occasional short outings might be more inclined to get a bag that is small. Parents who want to use their bag for travel, family outings, and more may lean more toward a bigger diaper bag. Popular diaper bags come in different sizes and styles so knowing how you’ll use your bag ahead of time can be helpful.

How many kids do you have?

Many parents who are having their second child might not think about extra items for each of the kids. But, the more kids you have, the more diaper bag necessities you’ll need to fit into your bag. The chances are the diaper bag that worked perfectly when you only had one baby isn’t going to work when you have a toddler (or child) and a baby. Before buying your diaper bag, consider what extras you’ll need for your older kiddos!

Will you be sharing your bag with anyone?

If you plan to pass the bag back and forth between yourself and your partner, you may want to consider whether the bag works for their needs too. Check with your partner to make sure they’d be comfortable with the look and style of the popular diaper bag you’ve chosen. If you’ve had your eye on the beautiful flower print bag, but your husband just isn’t budging on his need to carry a “manly” bag, consider getting two bags -- one for you and one for your partner!

You should also consider whether the bag will be transported to babysitters, grandparents, or others you see your child often. If you plan to use your bag to send your baby’s necessities with them, you might want to consider a bag that’s more neutral. You’ll also want one that is made to be sturdy so it can withstand all the moving around.

Get the Best Bag for Your Baby

The most popular diaper bags give you a chance to have a place for all your baby items while also making it easier to get the bag from place to place. Once you’ve decided on storage and organization, you’ll be able to make a better choice for your diaper bag. Consider how many diaper bag necessities you have, what you’ll be doing with your bag, and the style you want for before picking it out.

Ready to find your perfect diaper bag? Shop our new releases and most popular diaper bags today!