Newborn Checklist: What Do I Need for a Newborn Baby

Newborn Checklist: What Do I Need for a Newborn Baby

The good news? You’re getting ready to welcome your very first newborn baby! The bad? An endless newborn baby checklist of must-haves, conflicting advice from well-meaning friends and family, and stacks of books you’ve haven’t found time to read have you feeling COMPLETELY overwhelmed. Take a breath, love. We’ve got you.

Sometimes, all you need is a newborn checklist of the essentials. Here are our must-haves to add to your baby registry for bringing home your newborn. Together with a solid trust in your instincts and the support of your village, you’ll be covered. You’ve got this.

Here’s what you’ll need to add to your baby registry newborn checklist:

On-the-Go Checklist

  • A Car Seat.

     First things first! If you’re giving birth in a hospital or maternal care center, you’ll need a safely installed car seat to bring the baby home. We love the Britax B-Safe Gen2 for its SafeCell technology and easy-to-use LATCH system for stress-free installation. This is such an important baby product! Want even more assurance that you’ve got your seat installed correctly? Search the NHTSA’s list of certified technicians to find an inspection site near you!


  • A Baby Carrier You Love.

    Skin-to-skin closeness is an essential part of the early bonding process. A baby carrier you love helps you bond with your baby while keeping your hands free to do other essential things, like feed yourself, take a gentle walk, or run an errand. There are dozens of styles to choose from – we love the flexibility and security of a stretchy wrap for the baby’s first month!


  • A Great Diaper Bag.

     We admit it – we’re a little biased – but we think every new parent should have the JuJuBe B.F.F to hold all of the bits, pieces, and the endless supply of diapers you’ll suddenly need everywhere you go. Machine washable, with 12 unique pockets to help you stay organized and a memory foam changing pad so you never have to worry about changing your baby’s diaper when you’re out and about. 


  • A Stroller.

    A good stroller can make you feel safe and free to take a baby for their first journeys outside. We love UPPAbaby’s Vista V2 stroller for its versatility, smooth steering, and impeccable style. And should you choose to have more children in the future, the Vista evolves to transport a second or even a THIRD child!

Nursery Checklist 

  • A Place for Your New Baby To Sleep.

    Crib, bassinet, or co-sleeper –whatever works best for your family! Things to look for: excellent airflow, modern construction (be careful with a heirloom crib), and infant-safe finishes. 


  • A Baby Monitor.

    Because you’ll never want to take your eyes off of your new true love. We love Owlet’s The Duo – the combination of the award-winning Smart Sock and Cam gives you a complete picture of baby’s health, even from another room, so you can rest easy. Baby monitors are truly baby essentials that you cannot live without!

  • A Sleep Sack.

    Most infant babies like the feeling of being snuggled up securely to sleep to mirror the feeling of being inside their mom. Swaddling blankets are an accessible traditional way to achieve restful newborn sleep, and their cousins the sleep sack are an even simpler, safer way to help baby relax. With tons of options available, look for a sleep sack without too much extra fabric or padding for your newborn, that’s lightweight and breathable, with minimal hardware. This is another great item to add to your baby registry!

  • A Collection of Onesies.

    Sure, you’ve got a closet full of adorable baby clothes, but trust us when we say a simple set of newborn onesies can be a lifesaver for those exhausting (and sometimes messy) first few weeks. Goumi Kid’s organic bamboo onesies are as beautiful as they are functional which helps make diaper changing easy, and luxuriously soft on baby’s brand new skin. While you’re on the Goumi Kid’s site, pick up a few pairs of mitts to protect the baby's skin until you can trim those tiny newborn nails.


  • Diapers.

    Speaking of diapers, you’re going to need a LOT of them. If you’re choosing disposable diapers, make sure you stock up on a few different styles/brands of newborn diapers so you can find the ones that fit best and leak least on your baby. If a cloth diaper is the way to go, make sure you’ve got your laundry plan and detergent ready, and have all your diapers pre-washed and prepared! Other diaper related items that are major newborn essentials that can be added to your list are: diaper cream to avoid a diaper rash, a changing pad, and a diaper pail. These are perfect to add to your baby registry!

Other great miscellaneous baby things to add to your checklist can be: baby oil, a hooded towel, a burp cloth, a swaddle, baby soap, a boppy pillow, a changing table, and so on. The options are endless!

You’ll probably make a few wrong turns along the way. Maybe it’ll take awhile to find the products on your baby checklist that are the perfect fit for you and your little one, and maybe you’ll have to learn a few lessons through trial-and-error. You will definitely be pooped on or spit up on more than you ever wished for, and you will definitely wind up laughing or crying on the floor of the nursery at some point, completely at a loss as to what to do next. 

When that moment of your baby's arrival comes, remember, you are EXACTLY the mom, dad, or parent your baby needs. Your whole job is to get to know your baby – to listen to them, to learn how to meet their needs, and to love them with your whole heart. And that love? At the end of the day, it’s all you really need.