6 Best Mother's Day Gifts for New Moms Content Adjustments

6 Best Mother's Day Gifts for New Moms Content Adjustments

You KNOW she deserves to be celebrated especially because she is a new mother. With so little sleep, a recovering body, and a whole new skill-set to learn, she’s taking incredible care of a tiny new person. But as her very first Mother’s Day approaches, you might be feeling a little stumped as to what on earth you could possibly give her that would honor the amazing work she’s done this year. We’ve got you covered with this Mother’s Day gift guide!

Here’s our list of six sure-to-please Mother’s Day gifts for first time moms, written by moms who have been there: late night, thankless diaper changes, sore bodies, quick tears, incredible joy, and all.

1 - The Gift of Comfort

Newborn care means a LOT of time covered in all kinds of messes – baby spit-up, diaper blow-outs, milk leaks, and spills from the dinner you tried to eat while nursing. The new mom in your life deserves something beautiful to lounge in that she can put on whenever she wants to feel a little more like herself. Silk pajamas are a great mother's day gift idea. Also, that sweet jogging suit she’s been eyeing, a super snuggly robe, or those perfect, flattering leggings – find something that feels a little special for this new mama to wear around the house (just make sure it’s machine washable!).

2 - The Gift of a “Night Out”

If she can’t go to her favorite restaurant, take advantage of 2021’s plentiful takeout options to bring her favorite restaurant to her! Do it up with the fancy dishes and a candlelit table, a customized playlist, and her favorite bottle of wine or sparkling cider. Celebrate her with a toast to the incredible mom she is! You can also get her a gift card to her favorite spot!

3 - The Gift of Rest

If there’s one thing we know EVERY mama wants, it’s a day she can be sure that everything will be taken care of without her needing to lift a finger. Give new moms the day off by making sure all meals are accounted for, dishes are done, rooms are tidy, laundry is folded, so she can escape with a good book, have some time alone out on the town, or do some quality guilt-free binging of her favorite TV series. See if you can go the whole day without asking her any “how-to” or “where-is” questions – it’s a gift she’ll never forget!

4 - The Gift of Style

As a new mom, it’s easy to feel like your life has been taken over by baby gear. Bottles, diapers, pacifiers, toys, bibs, Cheerios in every corner… finding space for your own style can seem, well, a little impossible. A super-stealthy diaper bag that looks like something she would have loved to wear before baby can be just the thing to help her find her style again, and our super-soft vegan leather Million Pockets Diaper Backpack is the perfect splurge. She’ll love the thoughtful practicality (pockets for EVERYTHING) and the way even her non-mom friends will ask: “Where did you get that bag?”

5 - The Gift of Pampering (NOT the diaper kind)

It goes without saying that new motherhood is exhausting work. Whether you can send her out for a massage or a spa day, or bring in supplies to turn your home into the ultimate relaxing environment, some serious pampering is one of the best mothers’ day gifts for new moms. If a spa day isn’t practical for your family, order a splurge-worthy candle (try eucalyptus or lavender scents for relaxation), some massage or bath oil, bath bomb, and her favorite lotion to create an at-home spa experience that will leave her feeling refreshed and appreciated. These are all very thoughtful gift ideas!

6 - The Gift of Escape

Spending time with a newborn is wonderful and magical and, let’s be honest, not always the MOST intellectually stimulating. Consider giving the new mom in your life a subscription to an audiobook service so she can get wrapped up in a good story while she soothes, feeds, diapers, and takes the baby on walks. This is the perfect gift! Bonus points if you throw in a great pair of wireless headphones or earbuds to help her keep her hands-free!

Other great gift idea options could be

  • Comfortable shoes
  • A nice water bottle
  • A breast pump and breast pump bag
  • A jade roller
  • Clothes
  • A sleep mask
  • A coffee mug

The list is endless!

Whatever you decide to get for her first Mother’s Day, remember that appreciation, gratitude, and feeling seen are incredible gifts that don’t cost a penny. Add a note to say what an amazing job she’s doing, where you’ve noticed her shining, and how grateful you are to have her in your life.

Remind her that you’re always in her corner, on this first Mother’s Day, and on every day to come.