#JJBReal Behind the Scenes

#JJBReal Behind the Scenes


Real people, real moments. Welcome to our first #JJBReal Behind the Scenes! Our first spotlight is on Angelina Davis—the face behind our Queen of the Nile photos! Angelina and her beautiful family positively RULED this fun photoshoot, and we’re so grateful to her for giving us this honest peek into her #realmom life!


Let’s start by telling us a bit about yourself!

My name is Angelina Davis; I’m married to Phil Davis and we have two sons. I also own Hungry Hanks Deli, which has been in my family for about 40 years. We bought the business from my mom in 2017 and I’ve been running it ever since! I actually met my husband at the deli which makes it that much more special to me. My husband is a professional MMA fighter and former light heavyweight champion. He’s still fighting so both of our schedules are pretty hectic and require a ton of coordination. Some weeks are crazier than others, but by the grace of God we get it done. Our eldest son is in second grade and becoming fluent in Spanish dual immersion, which is amazing and I’m so proud of him! Our youngest is in preschool and he has such a huge heart for people.

Awesome—how old are your boys?

Philip Davis Jr. (P.J.) is seven years old, and Theodore (Teddy) Davis is three years old. 


What is your favorite thing to do as a family on the weekend?

Sundays are generally our favorite day. We always go to church, grab brunch afterward with ourselves or friends, and then meet with our church community group in the evening. Our community group consists of kids similar in age to my boys, so the kids always have a ton of fun together while the parents socialize.

I bet you have amazing hobbies… do tell!

We all do jiu jitsu/wrestling! It’s fun because we get to roll around with each other. The kids’ class is right before the adults’ class, so I help with the kiddos then take my class afterward. Then when we get home everyone “attacks” Daddy using everything we learned that day!

Tell us about one of your realest #realmom moments.

Bath-time has always been a favorite for my kids. However, when Teddy was two years old he was notorious for pooping in the tub. He would try to do it secretly but I quickly picked up on the cues. It was such a hassle throwing away all their bath toys then cleaning the tub, so let’s just say I had to learn fast. One day I saw him showing the signs so I quickly lifted him out of the tub. Unfortunately, he proceeded to poop mid-air! I was wet from the bathwater and showered in poo. I yelled for my husband because my eldest was still standing in the bath screaming, “Teddy’s pooping!” Guess what my husband did when he showed up to “help"? He pulled out his camera and took a pic!

What do you do for self-care, Mama?

The gym is my therapy. I love jiu jitsu and pretty much any form of exercise. It allows me to have a mental break from everything that may be going on at that time and it’s a huge stress reliever!

Thank you so much for this funny, honest interview! What is your Instagram handle so readers can follow your adventures?