How to Find Diaper Bags for Mom and Dad

How to Find Diaper Bags for Mom and Dad

The baby is due any day and the only item you have not checked off the to-do list, is finding a great diaper bag. Largely because you and your partner can’t come to an agreement on style and design! tend to prefer diaper bags that can do double duty as a purse, while most dads tend to prefer a diaper bag that doesn’t—well—look like a purse.

This can understandably cause a stall in the hunt for the perfect bag. Hopefully, with a few helpful tips from us here at JuJuBe, you and your other half can come to an agreement and find the best baby diaper bags for mom and dad that work for the family.

First things first…

Decide If You’re Sharing

Some couples feel there is absolutely no need to buy two diaper bags when one could do the job just fine. While this is true, some couples prefer to have their very own diaper bag. If you buy a bag for each of you, style won’t matter as much because you can each choose a style that suits your tastes. Jujube has styles of women and men’s diaper bags, so both mom and dad have plenty to choose from.

However, if you are opting to go with one shared diaper bag that you will both use to tote baby’s gear around in, you’ll want to choose a style that is more gender-neutral. Either way, a decision must be made here before you can make a decision on anything else.

Decide on Size

Once you decide whether you’re looking for one diaper bag or two, you can then decide on the size. If you are a packrat and like to lug around everything but the kitchen sink for your child and be prepared for every eventuality that could happen during your excursion, you’ll obviously need a diaper bag with plenty of room.

Another reason you might need plenty of room is if you’re packing a diaper bag with stuff for more than one child. In both cases, you’ll want to look for a diaper bag that’s spacious with an adequate number of pockets to keep organized.

Decide on Style

Keep in mind that some styles of diaper bags have less room than others. For instance, a crossbody diaper bag has less room available than a backpack diaper bag. Whereas a tote-style diaper bag might be even larger. You can also get a convertible diaper bag if you prefer to have options in the way that you use it. A backpack diaper bag is probably the most gender-neutral style that offers the most storage. Plus, you can’t beat the benefit of being hands-free!

Decide on Features

Diaper bags come with a wide range of features. Some features are very useful, while others might be useful, but not particularly necessary. Some features to look for that should be non-negotiable include:

Easy-to-clean materials. Machine washable is great, but if you can wipe it down with a rag too, even better. Kids make messes and when carrying around liquids, spills are inevitable. It’s also a good idea to choose a color that’s good at hiding imperfections. A white diaper bag backpack will not go the distance!

Easy to open and close.  It’s tough trying to change a baby’s diaper and hunt around in your bag one-handed. It’s even tougher when the bag is difficult to open in the first place. Look for bags with zippered closures and pockets for maximum ease of use, plus security (meaning your essentials won’t fall out).

Wide base. Ideally, your tactical diaper bag should have a wide base that allows it to stand on its own while you rummage through it. This makes one-handed hunts infinitely easier. Totes often have a wide base, and some backpack bags offer a wide bottom. Space is essential when it comes to diaper bags. A diaper bag organizer will help you maximize your space and quickly find everything you need.

Insulated and liquid-proof pockets. If you are carrying around liquid formula or pre-pumped breastmilk, lined and insulated pockets can be a lifesaver. Toss a small ice pack in and they can help keep your liquids cool. If spills happen, water-resistant lining helps protect the other items in your bag from being affected.

Decide on a Budget

Finally, consider your budget when choosing a diaper bag. Obviously the more feature-rich and “stylish” the bag, the higher the price tag will be. Settle on a budget you’re both comfortable with and look for a diaper bag that provides a good balance between style, features, and affordability. 

You don’t want to carry around a bag you both hate, or a diaper bag that one loves, and one loathes. Look for the stylish bag that offers a good blend of things you both can’t live without, and we would hazard a guess that you’ll have found the perfect diaper bag for mom and dad to share.