East Hampton & Key West - First Look

East Hampton & Key West - First Look



Yet another JuJuBe release this week and we cannot be any more excited for this one! If you loved the JuJuBe Coastal Collection (part 1 and 2) then you're absolutely going to adore Coastal 3, releasing on May 16th!


Key West [aka flamingos] + East Hampton [grey and white stripes]

Before I say anything else, just know that yes, I do know the difference between a swan and a flamingo but for these photos, I just had to use the swan and just pretend it was a white flamingo to match the new print. We can be kids again and play make believe, right? And the pink blow up flamingo just wasn't the gorgeous salmon pink color that the new print is so I said, "Why not?" and went for the white swan.

Alright, so I am sure you're all way too excited to see everything up close and personal so scroll on down to take a closer look at both prints and their opposite interiors - We're showing off the JuJuBe Key West Be Ready (our first Be ready and we love it!) and the JuJuBe East Hampton BFF.

Now between JuJuBe Black Petals, Rosy Posy and Coastal 3, which ones are you going to choose?

Decisions, decisions...