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Diaper Bag Organizer | How Do You Organize a Diaper Bag Successfully?

Diaper Bag Organizer | How Do You Organize a Diaper Bag Successfully?

If you feel like you spend more time searching your diaper bag for the things you need than changing actual diapers, you might be in need of a diaper bag organizer. Even though organizing your diaper bag might seem like a big task, it shouldn’t be too hard. If you follow these guidelines, you’ll have an organized diaper bag in no time!

How to Organize a Diaper Bag Tip #1: Get Savvy About Organization

If you know what you normally keep in your diaper bag, you’ll be able to organize it easier. It’s a good idea to consider all the options you have for organization. Do you want to keep all your like items together? Do you want the things you need most often in easy-to-access pockets? By asking yourself these questions, you’ll make diaper bag organization easier on yourself.

While it may seem like a waste of time to sit down and plan out the organization of your diaper bag, it’s a good idea to take your time figuring out the best way to organize it. If you do this, you’ll be able to have a plan for your bag. When you’re planning, consider whether you’ll use a diaper bag organizer or other tools for your bag!

For new parents, it might be easy to get carried away when you’re packing your diaper bag. You likely don’t know whether you need four onesies or 14. Other things you might want to put in your diaper bag include a portable wipe warmer, an easy to use food masher, and half a Costco-sized pack of diapers. Don’t do it! An organized diaper bag comes from only including the necessities.

How to Organize a Diaper Bag Tip #2: Include Only What You Need

A good rule of thumb is to consider what you use on a regular basis for diaper changes and double it. Some essentials you might want to keep in your diaper bag organizer, include:

  • Twice the amount of diapers you think you’ll go through (between 6 and 12 depending on your child’s age).
  • A changing pad or disposable changing pads
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Wet bags to keep soiled diapers in
  • Extra wipes (both baby wipes and antibacterial wipes for sticky surfaces or quick cleanups).
  • An extra outfit for yourself (tightly roll underwear, a t-shirt, and leggings and place at the bottom of your bag. The thin material of each piece won’t take up that much space and will be a lifesaver when you have another three hours left at the zoo and you’re covered in the aftermath of baby’s blowout).
  • Hand sanitizer
  • An extra bottle or sippy cup (and snack bags full of treats if your little one is eating food).
  • Two full outfits for baby
  • One or two burp cloths (these can be helpful for cleaning up spills, too!)
  • An extra pacifier (and paci pod)
  • All the items you’d typically carry from your purse (many new parents choose to stop carrying a separate purse and use their diaper bag organizer for their wallet and keys).

Depending on your situation, you might also want to include other things like a nursing cover or extra formula. Remember to keep the weather in mind when you’re figuring out how to organize a diaper bag to determine if you need things like sunscreen or extra blankets!

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How to Organize a Diaper Bag Tip #3: Use an Organizer for the Best Results

It will be easier to use your diaper bag if everything has its own place. This means you might need to find an organizer you can use in your diaper bag. Parents who use a diaper bag organizer are usually able to find things easier and might even be able to stay more organized no matter what the day throws at them.

A good organizer will fit seamlessly into your diaper bag and will work with your situation. Not all organizers are the same so you should figure out what you need. Ask yourself whether you’re looking for a lot of different pockets or whether you want pockets with corresponding sizes. Do you need an organizer that has a lot of open space or one that has individual slots for each of your items? You might want to try out several different styles to determine which one works best with your diaper bag.

A good diaper bag organizer will give you a chance to keep all your like items in one place. Zipper pockets, bottle holders, and more make it easy to keep things that are alike together. Your organizer should allow you to just reach into your diaper bag and pull out what you’re looking for every time. If you’re going to figure out how to organize a diaper bag having a quality organizer is the key to making sure you can fit everything in and everything has a place in the bag.

How to Organize a Diaper Bag Tip #4: Replace and Replenish Your Supplies

What good is a diaper bag if it doesn’t include everything you need for baby? When you use supplies from your diaper bag, make sure to replace them right away. If you make it a habit to refill your diaper bag organizer each time you get home from an outing, it will help you remember to always replenish when you use baby supplies.

Not only is it important for you to put the things you need in your bag after you’ve used them, but it’s also important to switch items out when the seasons change. You probably don’t want to put a cute summer onesie on your baby after they’ve soiled their diaper on a freezing November afternoon. By keeping track of all the things you have in your diaper bag organizer, you’ll make it easier on yourself when you’re out. Just like you switch out your purse, your shoes, and your clothes from season to season, you should take time to decide how to organize a diaper bag each season.

An organized diaper bag can make your life so much easier and make an outing with baby more enjoyable. Are you ready to get serious about organizing your diaper bag? Shop diaper bag pouches at JuJuBe today to find the perfect diaper bag organizer for your bag!