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Diaper Bag Essentials | What to Have in Every Mom’s Diaper Bag

Diaper Bag Essentials | What to Have in Every Mom’s Diaper Bag

Knowing the items that are diaper bag essentials and the things that are just going to waste space in your diaper bag can be helpful when you’re getting your bag ready. From moms-to-be to experienced parents looking to revamp their diaper bag, knowing what to have in your diaper bag can make more space for the things you need and make your diaper bag easier to carry.

Diaper Bag Essential #1: Changing Items

The most obvious items to be packing in your diaper bag are the things the bag is named after: diapers! You should make sure you have plenty of diapers in your bag at all times. If you think you’ll need five diapers on your outing, pack 10 just in case. Diapers are great because they are easy to fit in among your other diaper bag essentials. Even if you don’t use all your diapers on every trip, you’ll be grateful to have them when your baby has an accident!

Along with diapers, you should also keep things that you’ll need for diaper changes. Remember, you might not always have a changing table nearby where you can easily change your baby so having a changing pad can be a huge help (especially for those times when you’re doing a diaper change in the back of your SUV in the parking lot!). When you’re deciding what to have in a diaper changing bag, you should also make sure you pack wipes, wet bags for dirty diapers, and rash cream if you typically use it.

Diaper Bag Essential #2: Extra Clothes for Both of You

One thing many new parents don’t realize is just how many clothes their babies will go through on a day-to-day basis. Extra outfits are among the best diaper bag essentials for leaky diaper moments or when your little one makes a mess while eating!

It’s a good idea to pack anywhere between two to five extra outfits depending on your baby’s age, how long you’ll be out, and your baby’s habits. A newborn who spits up a lot may need more outfits than others!

Another thing you should have when thinking about what to keep in a diaper bag: an extra outfit (or two) for yourself! It’s easy to roll an outfit up and keep it in the bottom of your diaper bag among all your other diaper bag essentials. Even though it does take up some space, you’ll likely be glad to have something to change into if you have any issues while out and about.

Bonus tip: Even if you’re past the diaper bag stage and don’t think you need diaper bag essentials anymore, hang onto your diaper bag! It doesn’t take up much space and can make for the perfect place to store extra outfits for you and your little ones while you’re on-the-go. You may think you and your kids won’t need extra outfits after they’re out of diapers, but you will. That’s an almost guarantee.

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Diaper Bag Essential #3: Creature Comforts for Yourself

When parents are packing a diaper bag, they don’t realize their diaper bag will be their main bag all the time for the next two (or more) years. You should keep items in there for yourself, too! In addition to the essentials like your baby items and extra clothes, it’s a great idea to pack some lip balm and lotion. These can be beneficial for both you and your child when you’re out.

Diaper Bag Essential #4: Extra Feeding Items

Whether you have a nursing baby or one who uses a bottle, you should keep extra feeding items as part of your diaper bag essentials. It’s great to have extra bottles, formula, a nursing cover, and anything else your baby might need. If your baby is eating solid food, you can store puffy snacks, biscuits, and other treats in a snack bag within the main compartment of your diaper bag.

Don’t forget about yourself! Even if you’re not nursing, raising a little human can take a lot out of you! Keep some water and snacks in your bag to stay sane and keep from getting hangry around the kids. Things like granola bars, small pieces of candy, and even meal replacement bars are a great way to make sure you don’t get caught starving in the middle of an exhausting grocery store trip.

Diaper Bag Essential #5: Things to Entertain Your Baby With

The diaper bag essentials you need to entertain baby will all depend on your baby’s age. Newborns might not need much other than a pacifier to entertain them, but as they get older, you’ll want to keep a few toys in the bag. Things like plastic keys, stuffed animals, and even blankets can make a huge difference for your baby. Though your child might have a favorite toy, when you’re figuring out what to have in a diaper bag, make sure you change the toys out frequently so your child doesn’t get bored!

Diaper Bag Essential #6: Items from Your Purse

Many moms consider their everyday purse items diaper bag essentials because they stop carrying a purse separate from a diaper bag when they have a baby. This is especially true when your diaper bag comes with a mommy pocket. This pocket is big enough for your keys, wallet, phone, and anything else you would typically carry in your purse. It makes it easy to access the items you need and is usually on the outside of the diaper bag so you won’t have to rummage through tons of diapers and clothes to get to it!

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Diaper Bag Essential #7: Don’t Forget About Your Older Kids

If you have a newborn and a toddler or older child, don’t forget to add diaper bag essentials for your non-babies too! Things like coloring books, a small toy, small packs of pencils, and stickers are great to keep older children entertained on boring outings. Some parents find they need a larger diaper bag (like a diaper bag for twins!) or an easier way to carry their bag (like a fun, convertible diaper bag) for when they have more than one child. It’s important to remember the trade-off. Having diaper bag essentials for all your kids is a great way to make sure you’re prepared for anywhere you go with them!

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