Baby Steps to Sustainable Living

Baby Steps to Sustainable Living

We know that living a green lifestyle can seem daunting and as parents you have a lot to handle already, but we wanted to provide some helpful tips and information that can easily reduce your family's carbon footprint. If we all do this together, we believe that every little step collectively can make an impact for future generations. 

1.) Conserve energy. Remind family members to always turn off lights and keep appliances unplugged that don't need to be plugged in all day. 

2.) Reusable containers. Try to always use reusable drink containers, dishware, straws for your meals when you are on the go. Wean Green has some great options! 

3.) Look for eco-friendly detergents. We understand that things can get messy especially with little ones running around, so grab an eco-friendly detergent that doesn't have toxic chemicals such as phosphates and dyes that can potentially end up in our oceans and harm marine life. 

4.) Cloth diapering. Reduce the amount of waste from disposable diapers by adding cloth diapers to your changing routine even if you only use them 50% of the time—it will make an impact. 

5.) Ditch the paper towels. Think of all the paper towels you use in a week. By switching to re-usable, washable towels you will keep all of those paper towels out of the landfills. 

6.) Composting. This is a great way to reduce food waste and can help conserve water instead of using your garbage disposal. Plus this is a good tip to follow if you are looking to do our next tip. 

7.) Plant a garden. This can be gratifying for the whole family as you learn how to a plant a veggie or herb garden with your little ones. Plus, it's a great way to reduce those weekly grocery store visits. 

8.) Vintage shopping. Instead of going out to buy new things, try a vintage or resell shop for back to school shopping for used textbooks, bags, and clothes. Did you know we created trusted bags that can be RESOLD? JuJuBe is a brand that parents trust which means our bags hold their value extremely well. List your bag on the Buy/Sell/Trade pages and make some money instead of throwing potential cash into the landfill.

9.) Upcycle, upcycle, upcycle! Looking to get rid of something? Try repurposing it for something you need. Fun fact, a lot of the JuJuCommunity, UPCYCLE their prints. You know you want to cut into that changing pad and create something fabulous! Go for it! Upcycling is a fun way to reduce your carbon footprint!

10.) Purchase high quality items. Look for items that can last you for the long haul and are versatile like your JuJuBe Bags. We love designing bags that can be REPURPOSED. After your babe has graduated from diapers, repurpose your JuJuBe for work, school, gym, travel, beach, crafts, church, and more!


Looking to hear more about how JuJuBe is making changes? Check out our new Eco Pledge. Plus shop the new Eco Collection crafted from recycle, single-use plastic bottles.