I'm Pamela, mother of 2, a lifestyle photographer and a certified PL. I have a semi-regular work as an IT consultant but arts give more color to my busy life. As a photographer, I love to shoot the realness of the subject - may it be a person or an object. People would say that my photos look so happy, that each time they look at it - they feel the subject's happiness. I'm happy to be sharing this passion with JuJuBe!

Pamela Samson - David, Philippines


I’m Ria, wife and full-time working mom blessed with two daughters and two Saint Bernards. Graphic designer and event coordinator by day, and yummy food chef, toy fixer, DIY handy mom, and overall problem-solver by night, you can say that I pretty much have my hands full (in a good way)! Juggling mom life and work, JuJube has been my creative outlet. I enjoy mixing and matching JuJuBe prints, organizing my bags to maximize all the space, and sharing packing ideas. I love that I can express myself by picking a JuJuBe bag in a print that will match how I’m feeling that day or that will go well with where we are going. I can always count on JuJuBe to make packing a breeze, in the diaper stage and beyond!

—Ria Henares Garrett, Maryland

I’m a stay at home mom of two, married to my soul mate and a small bag addict. I love my MiniBFFs, my Quicks and sets; my JuJuBe goes with me everywhere. I am always looking for new ways to pack my essentials whether it’s getting a chance to go out solo, studying for my Graduate Gemologist credential or heading to somewhere fun with the family. I love that I can have the flexibility to be full mommy with bottles and kids snacks or off to the office or school with a fun bag or purse. There’s a JuJuBe for that!

Patricia Hoy, Canada


I am a dancer, fitness enthusiast, comic/superhero fanatic, small business owner, and a parent. I've been blessed to be a single mom to three incredible sons, and have opened my home to more than a handful of children in foster care, newborn through teen. By far, my biggest title is Mom. With my older children playing travel sports, year-round, my family and our interests keep us on the go, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

—Neki Nettey, Maryland

Danielle is a mama who is madly in love with her 3 children. Between travelling, laughing hysterically and keeping up with some spirited kids, she is an entrepreneur and the creator of life of macs which explores parenthood and lifestyle from a genuine place. Offering conscientious perspective on products, healthy alternatives, nutritious food (with a splash of vegan), DIY and all things that simplify family life.

Danielle Perciballi, Canada

Hiii, my name is Alyssa. I am a NorCal girl born and raised. I am a wife, mom, and preschool teacher, which means there is never a dull moment. I am a lover of all things Disney and Universal. My family and I love to travel and find new places to explore. I’m just a basic Mama enjoying the magical moments during all the chaos!

— Alyssa Robinson, California


A wife and a mommy to two beautiful girls! Residing in Singapore and working full-time as a preschool principal. Which means I’m surrounded by kids all day! Which also means, I’m bound to meet their parents (especially the mummies!) whom some are already JuJuBe fans too! I love the colour purple, snacking on junk food, spending time with the family and enjoy outdoor activities like going to the beach and reading up on delicious recipes that I know I won’t cook anyway (guilty!). And of course.. I love shopping! Online shopping anyway. At night. When the rest of the things and humans in the house finally does not require my service and attention anymore. Haha. Yes, that’s basically all about me!

— Surizah Sopyan, Singapore


My name is Arali West (pronounced r – a – LEE) and I’m a Nicaraguan native residing in Southern California. I take pleasure in simple things like drinking coffee, listening to music, touring museums, being in nature or cooking (and eating) a great meal. I find enjoyment out of self-expression through art, music, photography and more. My background is in graphic design, photography and content creation. I have 9+ years experience in graphic design and photography and 5+ years in social media/digital marketing. I find joy in all things creative and Jesus!

— Arali West, California


Michelle aka The Lovely Bag Lady has been a member of the JuJuBe community for over 5 years, bringing her own sense of fun and laughter with her. She is married with 3 children and enjoys singing in the shower, chocolate and baking...sometimes all at once. She is also an adoption advocate and a dedicated healthcare worker in her spare time.

Michelle White, UK