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      Hi! My name is FiFi and I’m a mama to one amazing little girl. Balancing work, motherhood, and everything in between. Jujube’s incredibly versatile bags and accessories have been with me throughout my journey as a new mom, working mom, and forever-trying-to-figure-it-out mom. The bags are amazing, but nothing beats the beautiful friendships Jujube has brought into my life. I love all things pink, florals, and Hello Kitty.

      FiFi, Florida  


      I found JuJuBe in 2009 and became a Pink Lady for life. In addition to loving bags, I enjoy sewing and camping with my family. I'm a proud Hufflepuff, Star Wars fan and devoted to Disney forever.

      Verla Fowler, California  


      Mama of three who loves Jujube, all things family, and home decorating!

      Livi Harris, Washington


      I’m a stay at home mom of 3 girls ages 6, 4 and 1. I’m a former Army Medic with a BS in Health Care admin with a concentration in Emergency management and currently I’m a Navy wife. I love to eat all kinds of food but my favorite things to eat are pho, Bun bo, and ramen. And what foodie doesn’t also love to cook? I love to put a little dash of this and a sprinkle of that in the kitchen. My hobbies include shopping, Ninja Mombie crafting and collecting bags bags bags in between being a mom.

      —Thien Ai Hartop, Florida


      Hey what’s up everyone? I’m Joe from MatsuXL! Photography is my passion. Father of two beautiful girls and husband to a Pink Lady since 2010. When my wife first told me she wanted to give up buying designer purses for diaper bags I thought she was crazy. What I didn’t realize was how right she would be! Whether it's an outing with the kids, heading to work in the office, or packing for an upcoming photoshoot, Ju-Ju-Be is my absolute go-to. With older kiddos now we go beyond just packing diapers! If you want someone with a fresh perspective, you’ve come to the right place! I’ll show you how amazing Ju-Ju-Be is for life after 5!

      Joseph Hernandez, California  


      Hi! I'm Sally! I live in Southern California with my husband and daughter. I run a blog called Lovestalgia- a nostalgic life lived with love where I share some of our adventures. Things we love: education, Disney, being kind, eating, laughing and finding joy in the little things. We are a homeschooling family and love to share ideas!

      Sally Kim, California  


      A mother of three boys, my life is full of chaos. I'm sure lots of parents can relate! My husband and I raise our family in South Dakota, the same state I grew up in. Its been great for us! Beautiful natural parks are just a short drive out of our city and my boys love it! Rightnow, we are renovating our house we bought a few years ago and seeing it transform into our dream home has been exciting! I have been apart of the Jujube community for about 5 years now, a Content Creator, one of the Moderators for the Jujube Community Group since 2018, and can not express how thankful I am for the friendships that have sprang from it. Jujube isn't just diaper bags to me, its so much more. I love sharing new prints and ways to pack different styles. And of course introducing new parents to my favorite bags!

      Anna Kwon, South Dakota  


      I’m Hi. My name is Ivy and I am a working mom of two boys who are well beyond the diaper phase. Lover of food, travel, photography and anything cute like Tokidoki, Hello Kitty, Disney, Marvel, Star Wars. My love of food includes creating new and fun dishes for my family. I also love make up, clothes, bags and shoes. By the way, I am over 40 years old. Life's too short. Enjoy what you love!

      —Ivy Luit, California

      April, better known as Apes, was born and raised in Southern California. She and her husband have two energetic little girls. April has been an elementary teacher for over 13 years. She loves to dance, cook, watch movies, and go to Disneyland. April was once an avid cake decorator. Her favorite place to travel is Hawaii! April is obsessed with everything kawaii! Her obsession over Tokidoki brought her to the Pink Lady world of JuJuBe. She documents her family adventures and #TeacherLife as "MommyApes" on social media platforms.

      April Maranan, California


      Vinita is a crafty, nerdy, vertically blessed Midwest mom raising four children ranging from toddler to teen in the country. She discovered JuJuBe when her third daughter was born. She is a Potterhead and Hufflepuff is her house. She loves board games and D & D. Pretty much if it’s geeky she’s there.

      Vinita Mast, Illinois

      Ashley, the Mom behind “GatorMOM”, is a wife and Mom to 3 elementary age kids living in central Florida! She loves all things Disney, the Florida Gators, traveling with her family and soaking up the sun at the beach! She’s been sharing her love for Ju-Ju-Be over on her YouTube channel for over 6 years!

      Ashley O’Neal, Florida


      Hi my name is Vanessa! I live in Simi Valley, California. I am a daughter of a King, wife of an amazing photographer, momma to 2 babes and a nurse! When im not working you might find us chasing sunsets. I am jujube and coffee obsessed and really enjoy getting to know other moms.

      —Vanessa L Repreza, California

      Girl mom turned photographer! Sharing all my favorite things that make life easier on my socials. Showcasing life in Orange County that includes lots of dog walks and trips to Disneyland. Expecting our rainbow baby November 2020.

      — Rachel Richey, California


      Hello! I am Kate Schwanke and I am an Army Wife and a mama to three little boys. I love to make Video Reviews on my YouTube Channel and also write about motherhood, my favorite products, DIY projects and latest food creations on my Blog!

      Kate Schwanke, Tennessee


      Hello, my name is Jen and I am blessed to be the mama to four wonderful children, ages 26 years down to two preschool age girls. Professionally, I work in the legal field. For fun, I am a Nationally Certified Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Instructor as well as a CPR/First Aid Instructor. I love all things having to do with diaper bags, strollers, car seats, planners, organization, cooking and food, and new and innovative baby and mommy products...and in my spare time, when I am not working or caring for my family (or not recording YouTube videos with my amazing husband), I am an avid reader and an outdoor junkie. Wonderful to meet you!!

      —Jennifer Villegas, California


      San Diego Mom, mother of two. I love taking my bags on adventures with me to explore my city. You'll see photos of my daughter wearing the bags, or bags packed for my sons diapering & outing needs, or even just packed for myself. I'm always super helpful and friendly so if you ever have any questions feel free to reach out.

      Sabrina Velazquez, California


      Military wife and momma to two amazing little boys. Life is a constant new adventure for us but I wouldn’t change a thing. We love all things Disney and Harry Potter. Obsessed with items that make mom life easier which is why I love Jujube. Cute, efficient, and well made what’s not to love!

      Michelle Walters,Texas