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      Diaper Bag Totes

      Our machine-washable diaper totes have tons of storage + come in a variety of adorable patterns, colors & styles. Shop tote diaper bags today!

      Every Mom needs at least one reliable tote (ideally two, three, or more!) in her life. That’s where our diaper bag tote styles come in! With both lightweight and structured options, we have a bag to carry all your baby gear and get you through whatever the day holds. This stylish baby bag is perfect for busy moms. The versatile styles allow for cross-functionality. You can use it as a diaper bag, work bag, and even a travel purse.

      Tote Diaper Bags

      JuJuBe’s lightweight totes are perfect for busy moms and include mesh and zippered interior pockets and external storage pockets for extra storage capacity. You'll have plenty of room to hold all your baby essentials from diapers and wipes to snacks, pacifiers and baby's bottle. And because we know safety and cleanliness are your top priorities, the Teflon-treated exterior resists stains and is easy to clean, while Agion-treated lining helps to prevent the formation of bacteria, mold, and mildew. These great diaper bag totes are also machine washable for extra peace of mind!

      Structured Diaper Totes

      Our structured diaper bag totes combine unparalleled sophistication with serious storage capacity... including the most functional compartment features like Thinsulate-lined bottle holder, Mommy pockets, and easy-reach cell phone pockets. Chic vegan leather is easy to wipe down in case of spills and the interiors are Agion-treated to keep them clean. Features like luggage feet on the bottom and attachment rings for stroller straps or messenger straps make these bags a clear standout. Browse qualities designed for function and created to help you feel stylish - we guarantee you'll find your perfect diaper bag from our collection. 

      Find Quality Diaper Bag Totes and More at JuJuBe

      We know that Moms need a great diaper bag that they can count on, and we are committed to making sure they get the highest quality on the market. Shop baby bags at JuJuBe!

      All That Tote - Queen of the Nile All That Tote - Queen of the Nile
      $50.00 37 reviews
      Be Light - Cozy Knit Be Light - Cozy Knit
      $50.00 172 reviews
      Super Be - Linen Chromatics Super Be - Linen Chromatics
      $70.00 282 reviews


      • Can I use a tote as a diaper bag?
        • While any bag can suffice as a diaper bag, we recommend utilizing a tote made specially to function as a diaper bag. The extraordinary thing about diaper bag totes is that they have the compartments and space capacity to carry all your baby essentials while operating as a fully functional purse! Mom can easily transition from diaper duty to work hour in any one of our adorable totes.

      • What’s the difference between a structured diaper tote and a lightweight tote?
        • Structured totes have a more robust foundation - like what you would expect from a regular tote bag purse. Our structured totes are made with vegan leather, so they’re easy to wipe clean and chic for busy moms. Our lightweight totes are just as durable, plus they’re easy to store. This option is perfect for moms who want a no-nonsense bag that goes the distance!

      • Are tote diaper bags machine washable?
        • All of our lightweight totes are machine washable! Because our structured totes are made from vegan leather, these bags are not machine washable. However, the exterior is easy to wipe clean, and the interior is treated with Agion to prevent bacteria, mold and mildew.