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      Tech Cases

      Technology has become a big part of every family’s life, and you’ll need cases and laptop sleeves to keep all of your treasured devices safe & secure. JuJuBe’s tech cases are designed to offer reliable protection for your laptops, tablets, and cameras… and are available in fun and elegant styles that you’ll love showing off! Store your electronics in safety and style without collection of accessories for parents.

      Laptop Sleeves and Tablet Cases

      Most of us spend a large portion of our days multitasking—which means you’re likely to need your laptop or tablet for that trip to the cafe, the playground, and the office. Tote your computer in style with our zippered laptop sleeves to prevent dings and scratches. Our tech cases are scaled down to snugly fit your device, and both our laptop and tablet cases feature Agion-treated interiors to fend off damaging bacteria & mildew.

      Camera Cases

      If you’re like most parents, you’ve got your camera at-the-ready to capture all of those special family moments. Take special care of your camera with camera tech cases from JuJuBe, which will help keep your lenses and equipment scratch-free. Velcro dividers help keep all of your gear organized, so you can be ready to get those framableshots wherever you go!

      Discover Accessories for Moms at JuJuBe

      JuJuBe’s bags are known for combining function & style, and our designers consider every detail of our items so you don’t have to! With our tech cases, laptop cases, and baby bags, you can trust that you’re in the best of hands. Need a bag that will fit your laptop, tablet, and the rest of your daily essentials? Consider one of our stylish backpacks or totes for everyday use.

      MegaTech - Prism Rose
      MicroTech - Prism Rose