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      Duffle Diaper Bags - Large Diaper Bags

      As a new parent, sometimes a duffle diaper bag is the only way to go. Think of them as large and in charge, capable of holding “all the things.”

      At JuJuBe, our duffle bags look hip and are built to last. Durable, stain-resistant, and perfect for keeping everything your baby needs organized and easily accessible when the inevitable diaper catastrophe occurs. Shop our duffle bag diaper bags today and experience the difference! 

      Your Weekender Diaper Bag

      We are proud to offer a line of baby diaper duffle bags that are high in style and functionality. Our fabrics incorporate top tier technology, like Agion-lined interiors to prevent nasty mold or mildew (because spills happen), and vegan leather, Teflon-treated exteriors to make wiping down the outside of your duffle bag hassle-free. Our baby weekender bags are roomy, with plenty of pockets, functions, and features designed to keep all of your baby’s things safely and neatly stowed until you need them. The weekender bags are a great choice for diaper bags for dads. They’re stylish and relaxed on the outside and highly functional on the inside.

      Quality Diaper Duffels, Quality Product

      We are committed to providing quality, long-lasting diaper bags in all shapes and sizes for your baby’s changing needs and offer a lifetime warranty on every single one. Shop our duffle diaper bags today and discover the jujube difference.

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