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      Changing Pads

      Our adorable changing pads are comfortable for baby & convenient for mom and dad. Shop our variety of cute patterns!

      Perfect for using on the go, a JuJuBe changing pad is a great addition to your diaper bag to ensure you're prepared for every situation! A portable changing pad makes changing diapers on the go easier than ever! Our changing pads are made to fit conveniently in your JuJuBe diaper bag tote or backpack so you can carry them with you everywhere you go. Simply place atop a changing tray or available surface, change baby, and wipe clean!

      Our variety of changing pad styles are made with soft memory foam to keep your baby comfortable on any surface. The soft interior is not only gentle on baby's sensitive skin, but also designed with an easy to clean material and is specially treated to prevent bacteria, mildew and mold from growing to keep you and your infant safe. Plus, the exterior is stain-resistant so you won't have to worry about what table or surface you place it on throughout the day when diaper changing. Our mats are machine washable, so simply throw yours in the wash when you're ready to give it a clean. Designed in the perfect size to fit in any of your go-to bags, our changing pad will make changing diapers on the go easy, clean and enjoyable.

      Changing Pad - Butterfly Forest Changing Pad - Butterfly Forest