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      Breast Pump Bags

      Discreetly store your pump & milk in one stylish place. Shop temperature-controlled, bacteria-resistant breast pump bags & backpacks. 

      Feel prepared wherever you go with a JuJuBe breast pump bag at your side. These highly- functional, secure, and refined pump bags are available in sophisticated solid colors and vivid patterns that are sure to brighten your day. Plus, with features that are easy to clean and a design created for easy access and great storage, you'll be set for every occasion. Shop our latest breast pump bags and breast pump backpacks today!

      Satchel Breast Pump Bags

      Our satchel style breast pump bags styles combine durable reliability, easy use, and stylish appeal. All of our pump bags are treated with an Agion-interior to prevent mildew, mold, and bacteria formation... ensuring that your bag is clean and your milk is as safe as possible. Each pump bag has plenty of storage space to fit most standard-sized breast pumps and features mesh and zipper pockets so you and baby have easy access to all of the essentials you need from pumping accessories to pads to everything in between.

      Breast Pump Backpack Styles

      Our breast pump backpack options are a sporty way to transport your portable pumps, store your milk, and organize odds & ends. The outside pocket features large enough storage to keep your pump discreetly hidden inside the bag while in use. Add in a plethora of pockets, comfortable shoulder straps and cheerful and stylish prints and patterns, and you have a stunning all-in-one breast pump bag you’ll use for years and a multitude of needs.

      Discover Quality Bags with JuJuBe

      At JuJuBe, our in-house design team works hard to make sure every detail of each breast pump bag that you might carry is accounted for, so you don’t have to worry. From creating the most comfortable straps to making sure there's a compartment for all pumping accessories, we design these with you in mind. We’ve built a reputation amongst busy moms and dads for our high-quality, durable pump bags, diaper bags, backpacks and other accessories. Find more of our items in our new releases or shop by style to find your ideal look.

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      • Do I need a breast pump bag?
        • Breast pump bags are a must-have for moms who need to pump milk while they’re out and about. These bags help discreetly store your pump and milk while ensuring that the milk remains in a bacteria-resistant and temperature-controlled environment.

      • How do I organize my breast pump bag?
        • JuJuBe pump bags have plenty of room to store your portable pumps, milk and other nursing supplies. We recommend consolidating to the must-haves, so everything is easily reachable and accessible when you’re ready to pump.

      • How many pumping bags do I need?
        • If you’re using plastic bags while pumping, most people recommend having twice as many bags as pumping sessions you plan to have in a given period.