Inside JuJuBe: Meet The Team

Inside JuJuBe: Meet The Team


Hi everyone, I’m Suzette and a lot of you already know me, because I’ve been a Pink Lady for years (thanks to my awesome sister.) I’ve been working with JuJuBe for 4 years in customer service, and have just made the move to the Ecommerce team. I’m JuJuBe’s resident scientist with a degree in Biological Sciences from UCI, so if you’re ever curious about our anti-microbial treatments, I can explain exactly how they work and why they’re awesome.

My favorite bags have changed over the years (my first JuJuBe bag was a tokidoki Dreams HoboBe.) I adore our Million Pockets Backpack and use it as my carry on when travelling as well as my work bag. I’m obsessed with the Day to Night Crossbody as my purse, because while it’s compact, it has enough room for everything I carry on a daily basis (everything that I used to carry in my very full HoboBe!).

I also swear by the Be Set and Be Dapper to organize everything in my Million Pockets Backpack since I’m also a techie and always have a ton of cables and chargers with me at any given time.


Hi! I’m Sabrina. If you’re in our Community Group on Facebook, I’m sure you’ve seen me a few times as I am the Community Admin. I’m super active in the group, always willing to help with any questions, and love getting the most up to date information to our fans! I’m sort of the middleman between the JuJuBe team and the Community. If you’ve gone to any of our events in the past five years, I’m typically there volunteering, as I loveee the JuJuBe events and love meeting all the PLs in person! You can typically find me binging some really awesome series or doing foodie things! You’ll always catch me with some sort of JuJuBe on me, like a Super Be in the car or a Be set in my bag.

But my absolute current favorites are the items from our Beyond Collection as they tend to fit my family’s foodie outings the most, with the Million Pockets Backpack or the Day to Night Crossbody providing a little upscale for our fancier restaurant outings. Hope to interact with you all in our group!


Hi I’m Amanda and I’m the newest team member on the JuJuBe Customer Service Team. My love for JuJuBe started six years ago when a friend introduced me to the brand. My first JuJuBe bag was a Be Right Back in The Monarch; yes I still have it. Ever since then I have been a part of the Pink Lady Community and have met some amazing friends along the way. I was honored to be apart of the 2020/2021 Creative Crew and it was so much fun to share new releases with the JuJuBe Community. When I’m not helping customers you can usually find me at Disneyland carrying my favorite Disney x JuJuBe collaboration.

My favorite bags are the Be Right Back because it is so comfortable to wear (especially all day at Disneyland), and it has the perfect amount of organizational pockets. My favorite “mommy bag” or night on the town bag would have the be the Day to Night Crossbody. It can be dressed up or used just for a casual night out on the town.


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