Inside JuJuBe: Meet The Team

Inside JuJuBe: Meet The Team

Get to know our sales team a little better and see what styles they currently love. 


Hi! I’m Erin! I’m the Global Sales Manager for JuJuBe, and (proudly) own the reputation of team trouble maker ;) If any of you have gone to a trade show, a pink lady get together, or just about any other JuJuBe event—you have probably met me! I have been with JuJuBe for over 7 years, which means I pretty much eat, sleep, and breathe all things JuJuBe. From working with our amazing team, many of which have turned in some of my best friends, to talking to anyone who will listen about our brandthere is no better company to work for! No matter where I go I usually have some product on me. The Super Be and Be Set are my tried and true favorites for everyday use! If I am not on the phone with accounts, or with my JuJuBe family, you can usually find me at home with fiancé, Erik, or running around trying to catch my extra large puppy (and self proclaimed team mascot), Finn!


Hi! I’m Monica—part mermaid, part jack of all trades, and lover of all things rockabilly! I’m the other half of the dynamic sales team and the one that keeps everything (and everyone) organized to get products and orders shipped timely and efficiently with my strong (sometimes type A) attention to detail. I love JuJuBe events, and thrive at trade shows where I’m so lucky to have met so many of you! I’ve been at JuJuBe since 2014, and even started off in customer service, which means I’m one of the biggest advocates and supporters of Pink Ladies. Speaking of love, we can’t forget my favorite foodThai Fried Rice! My favorite bags include the Be Dapper for when I travel, the Be Right Back for work, and the Day to Night Crossbody for everything in-between! When I’m not saving the world in the land of JuJuBe, I’m training the next generation of our team starting with my daughter, McKie! Oh, and don’t challenge me to a game of softballI’m the leading champ ;)

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